Is pregnancy a beautiful blessing or a nightmare?

Another interesting plot in the movie is the process of Alexia’s pregnancy.Our society often regards pregnancy as one of the great events, and being able to bred life is a sacred and lucky symbol.However, people who have seen "Titanium" must think that the process of pregnancy is too disgusting and terrible.

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Iris Young also uses a phenomenon method to analyze the daily life experienced by women and understand the formation of identity identity.In the ‘pregnant embodiment’, I wrote:

Pregnancy challenged my experience in physical integration.It separates the boundaries between my body and the outer things … During my pregnancy, I don’t know where my body begins and where.

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In addition, Bova also wrote in ‘the mother’:

Pregnant women become plants and animals … [She is] an incubator, an original conscious and free individual becomes passive tools in life … Rather than call them a mother …It is better to be called an organic body that can be produced, just like poultry that has spawned.

The film shows the fear of this kind of "inside and outside the outside" that bred a life independent of its own life.The things in Alexia’s belly are about to tear and flow out of the black liquid.What else is more strange and scared than the increasingly stubborn cold metal babies in the body?

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Hollywood movies are full of sexual and violence.I think the good -looking place "Titanium" is that it provokes the audience with more sexual, more and stronger violence, and subverts traditional expectations and values.Regardless of whether she harassed her uncle in the car, her girlfriend who had sex with her, or her girlfriend’s roommate, Alexia always used the metal buns (or the feet of a chair) to enjoy the repeated pumping through the human meatThe pleasure, like the sex of the men and women, is not bored at all.

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