Is postpartum back pain caused by lumbar disc herniation?

I thought that after October, the child could be relieved, but who knew that it was difficult to rest because of back pain and sleep.During the outpatient clinic, some female patients who have encountered waist and leg pain shortly after giving birth to a child. The two questions they ask are:

1. Do you have lumbar and leg pain that appears postpartum?

2. Is low back and leg pain related to anesthetic needle or painless needle?

Today, let’s take a look with Director Liao Bo, the spinal surgery of Tangdu Hospital at the University of Air Force.

Lotium back pain after giving birth is not rare, and the incidence is very high!

Judging from the current literature report, the incidence of low back pain after giving birth is still very high, about 45%to 70%.About about the above pregnant women, this kind of low back pain will occur during pregnancy, mainly with low back pain.After giving birth, most women also have such back and leg pain.

What are the causes of back pain?

The specific mechanism of postpartum back pain is currently unclear, but we can probably analyze from the following aspects:

1. During pregnancy, the internal environment of female hormones has changed.The level of estrogen in pregnant women changes, and at this time, the muscles or ligaments around the spine, pelvis, and surroundings will become longer and loose.When the elasticity or compound force of this muscle is reduced, it may cause back pain after giving birth.

2. The fetus is increasing in the mother’s body, and the posture is abnormal.During pregnancy, the fetus is a process of gradually increasing, including the increase in amniotic fluid. Such a large weight will lead to a long period of time in the body.And throughout pregnancy, the abdomen caused the forward leaning of the lumbar spine and increased the load, which can easily lead to lumbar muscle strain and cause severe back pain.

3. It has something to do with the way of production.

4. Some postpartum discomfort methods may also cause waist and leg pain.After giving birth to a child, you need to take care of the child. The rest time of your own resting time may be that you may bend over to take care of the child.

In fact, the back pain after giving birth is not necessarily related to lumbar disc herniation, or it may be lumbar muscle strain.At present, it is not enough to report to prove that chronic low back pain and anesthesia after childbirth.If you have pain or severe pain for a long time, you still have to go to the orthopedics of the regular hospital for examination and receive treatment.

In general, in the case of excluding lumbar disc herniation, they can actively let patients rest, and assist some physical therapy, apply plaster, or go to a regular hospital to perform functional exercises under the guidance of the rehabilitation division. These aspects are still aspects.Can avoid postpartum back pain.

What should I do to prevent or relieve back pain during pregnancy and postpartum?

1. Do not wear high heels, and do not be too soft on the soles, it should be supportive;

2. You can choose a side position when you sleep;

3. Don’t bend your legs when you lift things;

4. Choose a bed with a moderate hard and hard;

5. Pillows can be placed on the seat;

6. If you need to move heavy objects, you can help.

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