Is playing mobile phones safe during pregnancy?The key depends on whether you are right.

I am the mother of two babies, and I played mobile phones during pregnancy.I think it can be played, and the two babies have not been affected, and my body is not harmed.

Although the mobile phone does have radiation, its radiation is very small, and we cannot reach the strong accumulation value. Normally use is completely fine.We are in an electromagnetic wave, and normal life is not disturbed, and playing mobile phones will not have any impact.At present, there is an irregularity that the radiation of the mobile phone causes how much harm to the body.

When playing with a mobile phone, across the clothes, through the belly, radiation will not penetrate the clothes and belly to the fetus, and will not affect the fetus.

Nowadays, pregnant mothers are quite crazy to play mobile phones. Most of them are pregnant mothers who are shopping and seeing all kinds of parenting knowledge.Pregnant mothers may be the most active group in the Internet. There are not many reading about educating children, but the number of articles about pregnancy is very large, and hundreds of comments alone.

Those who have a good pregnancy, some who take men’s treasures, some who pick up female treasures, and have various consultations, which fully proves that the activity of pregnant women in the Internet is very high.But none of them have never been reported that there are any accidents in pregnant women playing with mobile phones.

Although the radiation of the mobile phone does not have much effect, there are some harms.Using mobile phones for a long time can cause eye discomfort and cause visual decline.This is personally experienced by everyone, so avoid using mobile phones for a long time.

You can use the mobile phone -free function when calling, so that you can have a distance from the mobile phone, leave 5 cm, and radiate at least 75%.If you have to post on your ears, you should put it by the ears after pressing the answer button for two or three seconds, which can also reduce the radiation.

Avoid calling for a long time, I feel that the phone calls is painful, my ears hurt, and my voice is a little blurred. I personally feel that it cannot exceed 30 minutes.

The above is my point of view. Pregnant women can play mobile phones, but moderate, which is also suitable for everyone.If you have a better opinion, please stay for discussion.

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