Is nausea and nausea "pregnancy"?It’s probably a big problem with your body here

This article was original by the attending physician of Wang Zelian, the attending physician of the Liantang Street Social Kang (Luohu Hospital Group)

Vomiting is a syndrome that is caused by the stomach of the stomach in the stomach and the clinical characteristics caused by the stomach loss and decrease of the stomach, the stomach qi, and the sputum and other stomachs.For the interpretation of vomiting, the predecessors have two saying: one says that there are vomits and vomiting, there is nothing to vomit, and there is nothing to say.There is nothing vomiting, there is nothing silent, vomiting, and vomiting.Vomiting and vomiting often occur at the same time, which is difficult to separate, so there is no need to subdivide, so it is called vomiting near the world.

The cause of vomiting pathogenesis:

1. Foreign evil criminals: Feel the evil of the wind, cold, heat, dryness, and six evils, or the vaporization of the turbidity, invading the stomach, the loss of the stomach and falling, and the water valley comes up with the gas and vomits.Due to the different seasons, the diseases you feel will be different, but most of the cold evil will be used.

2. Not diet: Excessive diet, overeating, eating more cold, spicy alcohol wine, sweet and unclean food, can hurt the stomach stagnation, easily cause stagnationVomit.

3. Emotional disorders: annoyed and hurt the liver, the liver is lost, and the stomach is contrary to the stomach.

4. After illness, body deficiency: spleen and stomach deficiency, or weakness after illness, overwork, injury to the qi, stomach deficiency cannot be adequated, spleen deficiency cannot be used to produce subtleness, stagnant stomach, upper upside down vomiting.

Clinical manifestations of vomiting:

The clinical manifestations of vomiting are not consistent, and there are often nausea signs. It is either vomited without sound, or vomit without vomiting, or vomit with sound; or vomit after eatingSuch as spray; or vomiting the food of newcomers, or staying in the food where vomiting does not digest, or vomiting saliva, or vomiting yellow and green bitter water; more and less vomiting.There are often incentives for vomiting, such as poor diet, inconsistent emotions, losing cold and warmth, and smelling and bad smells, which can induce vomiting or increase vomiting.This disease is often accompanied by nausea and anorexia, chest tightness, stuffy, and sour noise.Vomiting occurs occasionally, and there are repeated authors.

Diagnosis of vomiting:

1.It has the clinical characteristics of diet, phlegm salivation, water, water, water, etc. from the stomach, and from the mouth.There are also people with noir.

2.It is often accompanied by abdominal discomfort, nausea, pantothenic noise, etc.

3.The onset of onset or elaboration is often caused by nausea and vomiting. Most of them are induced by factors such as diet, emotional, cold and temperature discomfort, smelling and bad smells. There are also people who are caused by taking chemicals and eating poisons by mistake.

4.On the upper digestive tract X -ray examination, fibrous gastroscopy, laboratory examination of vomit, help the diagnosis of viscera lesions.

Principles of vomiting:

Based on vomiting and stomach loss and decrease, the basic pathogenesis of stomach qi, its treatment principles is to stop vomiting with stomach descending.However, it should be divided into deficiency and real dialectical treatment.In righteousness, we should apply the method of nourishing qi, warmth, and nourishing yin, supplemented by the medicines that reduce the vomiting, in order to righteousness and vomiting.

Protection of vomiting:

1. There are frequent living in life, life and festivals, and avoid the wind and cold and heat.

2. Keep your mood comfortable, avoid mental stimulation, and pay particular attention to those who have qi and stomach.

3. Pay attention to conditioning in diet.Those with spleen and stomach deficiency should not have too much diet, do not eat cold melon fruit at the same time, and prohibit cold drugs.If there are hot people in the stomach, avoid eating fat and greasy, spicy and dry, alcoholic wine and other items.

4. For patients who vomit, they should rest in bed and closely observe the changes in the condition.When taking the medicine, try to choose the small irritating smell, otherwise you will vomit and hurt your stomach.If you take medicine, it should be better frequently to reduce the burden on the stomach.According to the patient’s condition, it is advisable to drink hot drinks, and you can add a small amount of ginger or ginger juice to avoid rejection and come back.

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