Is my stomach pain tight in 4 months of pregnancy?Do you want to wear radiation protection clothes?

Xiao Jinhua’s girlfriend Lanlan was pregnant, because both sides were only children. After this pregnancy, the young couple had nothing, but the parents of both sides were nervous.Especially grandma and grandmother, I unanimously asked Lanlan to not work. Ke Lanlan liked his work and insisted on work.Therefore, the two elderly people told every day that they were afraid that the computer’s computer would have an impact on the grandson. From 3 months of pregnancy, Lanlan was asked to wear radiation protection uniforms.

Lanlan has been educated, and often looks at popular science, and disagrees with radiation protection.But I couldn’t help but urge my mother -in -law every day, so I took my mother -in -law to my clinic during the checkup and asked me to science.

Haha, so I have this fast tofu.

The living conditions are good, and the awareness of health has strengthened, especially after pregnancy, many women and parents are worried that living appliances such as mobile phones, television, computers, and microwave ovens in daily life will affect the fetus, and consider buying radiation protection clothes.But some people are tangled, should we wear it?

In fact, there is no need to wear radiation -proof clothing during pregnancy, because the rays released by various electrical appliances such as mobile phones, televisions, and computers in daily life have no harm to the human body, and there is no impact on the baby’s effect on the baby., So do not require special protection.

Besides, radiation protection clothes are only a thin layer. Although wearing radiation uniforms during publicity, it contains radiation -proof substances. In fact, this substance and this material have no radiation protection effect.

But for more anxious women and parents, they are worried that the computer will affect the baby. At this time, you can wear anti -shooting clothes as psychological comfort.

Four weeks later, Lan Lan was pregnant for more than four months, and accompanied by her mother -in -law, she was inspected. Everything was normal, but my mother -in -law was still uneasy and told me that Lan Lan sometimes said that her stomach had pain. What was going on?

When I was pregnant for more than four months, my small belly was faintly painful. Most of them were because of the slow increase in pregnancy, and the fetus gradually grew to grow up. After the uterine increasedPulling the uterus may cause faint pain in the lower abdomen.Generally, it is normal physiological phenomenon and does not require special treatment.

In addition, if you keep a position or walk for a long time, it may also cause pain to be more obvious.

If it is just a slight pain, you need to rest well at this time, and it will be relieved slowly.

If the continuity of the pain is not relieved, and it is also accompanied by vaginal flowing bleeding, it may be a threatened abortion. It is necessary to go to a regular hospital for relevant examinations in time to actively treat or preserve tire preservation.

If it is accompanied by symptoms such as diarrhea, it may be gastroenteritis. It is also recommended to go to a regular hospital as soon as possible to treat symptomatic treatment under the guidance of a doctor.

Looking at the back of the mother -in -law and daughter -in -law, I deeply felt that science was far away.

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