Is my mother’s Bloodybelia hemolysis?

Dandan is a multi -cyst ovary syndrome girl. After weight loss, adjustment of emotions, endocrine and ovulation treatment, she finally became pregnant.After pregnancy, it becomes a glass heart. What you eat, what you wear, and check, you must consult the doctor before daring to act.Come to build a card today, check the blood of O, and suddenly get nervous, worrying that the baby will have hemolysis, it is inevitable to be popular.

In fact, many women with type O blood in clinical clinical clinical will worry that there is a hemolytic situation. In fact, everyone is more concerned.

If the woman is O -type blood and the man is also O -type blood, there is no case of hemolysis.If the man is type A, B, or AB, the baby may be type A or B type B, at this time hemolysis may occur.

However, in general, the probability of hemolysis in ABO in the palace blood type system is very small, and even if the hemolysis occurs, it will not be very serious.

Therefore, women with type O without having to worry about whether there is an excessive worry about the hemolysis in the fetus.Many years ago, when we did it before or during the checkup, we would routinely check the cost of blood type antibodies.A large number of clinical data proves that as long as it is RH -positive blood type, the detection of antibodies is meaningless, because ABO’s intrauterine hemolytic dissolving hemolysis is too rare.

Therefore, the antibody detection during pregnancy, which is also a hemolysis -related test, has not been used as a item that requires routine testing during pregnancy.Even if the blood type antibody is high, it only means that the possibility of hemolytic jaundice will increase after birth.There are generally no special treatment during pregnancy.

If the mother is O-type blood, the jaundice index increases rapidly 2-3 days after the birth of the newborn, and the jaundice time is early and heavy. At the same time, when the face is pale or severe skin, and the sclera yellow stain, the child’s blood routine needs to be tested in time., Blood type, check whether the red blood cells of the net clearly have ABO hemolysis.However, parents do not need to worry too much. Most children do not need special treatment. They only need to be treated at the same time through drug treatment. The prognosis is good.

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