Is musk in the palace drama cause abortion of pregnant women?These 4 types of medicines can cause abortion in pregnant women and increase their vigilance

There is often such a fragment in the costume palace fighting drama: using musk -containing sachets or items to make the concubine smell small, so musk leaves a deep impression on people.

In many people’s eyes, as long as pregnant women come into contact with 100%abortion of musk, so do they dare not touch any items containing musk. Is this really true?Let’s take a look at it.

Musk is a valuable Chinese herbal medicine, which can play the effect of opening up the meridians and Xuantong.Modern medicine believes that musk contains a variety of compounds, including esters and pyridine, and also contains musk ketone and fatty acids, which can make the central nervous system and cardiovascular system extremely excited.It is used to treat stroke; musk ketone contained in musk can stimulate the nervous system, promote uterine excitement, speed up the uterine shrinkage speed, and at the same time inhibit progesterone, which can easily cause abortion.

In 1987, the Japanese research team was committed to studying the pharmacological nature of musk, and used a natural musk solution of different concentrations to soak the icing uterine smooth muscle.The results show that when the concentration of the solution of the musk per ml is 0.1mg, it can promote the smooth muscle contraction; when the concentration is increased to 1 mg, the uterine smooth muscle contraction can be suppressed.Therefore, the effect of musk on the smooth muscle of the uterine is determined by the drug concentration.So far, it has not enough scientific basis to prove that musk can cause abortion of pregnant women.

1. Poison and hot medicine

In addition to containing tadpoles, majestic yellow, spotted and aconite, and vermiculite, there are also Nanxing, Shanglu, and cinnabar.Among them, Xionghuang has determined to cause fetal malformations, and pregnant women are contraindications; cinnabar contains mercury, mercury is easy to accumulate in the body, and when it reaches a certain degree, it can cause newborn small head deformity and intelligence, and also cause strabismus and deafness.

2. Activating blood circulation and stasis drugs

Motherwort, safflower, pangolin, no medicine, and Puhuang Angelica are common blood circulation and blood stasis Chinese medicines. It can accelerate blood circulation of the whole body, stimulate the uterus, promote the uterine contraction strongly, cause fetal ischemia and hypoxia.In severe cases, it can cause abortion or premature birth, fetal death, etc.In addition to the above traditional Chinese medicine, pregnant women should also be far away from peach, triangular and lequee, and frankincense.

3. Traditional Chinese medicine that has attacked

Commonly attacked traditional Chinese medicines with barley root, mumato and euritic halberds, and 芫 flowers, which can play the effects of ventilation, diuretic and diarrhea, stimulate digestive systems and intestines, promote uterine excitement, cause uterine reflected contraction, affect fertilized eggs, affect fertilized eggsWing in bed, leading to abortion and premature birth.

4. Fragrant Traditional Chinese Medicine

Common incense and Chinese medicines include musk, scent, and lilacs, which can stimulate uterine contraction and easily lead to premature or abortion.

Kind tips

It is not that you will have a miscarriage after contacting the above Chinese medicine, but for safety, try not to contact these traditional Chinese medicines.Pregnant women are special groups, carrying the safety of their own and fetal life, so they cannot use medicine at will. Whether they choose Chinese medicine or western medicine, they need to take medicine under the guidance of a professional doctor to reduce damage to the fetus.

Before taking the medicine, take a closer look at the drug manual. All drugs that are used with cautious and disabled for pregnant women should be vigilant.Early pregnancy is the golden period for the growth and development of various organs of the fetus.

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