Is Liu Chanle thinking about Shu, is it really a mediocre king?Some people say: Liu Chan is comparable to Qi Gong

During the Three Kingdoms period, Li Miming, a native of Pengshan in Sichuan, was full of the world. He wrote "Chen Qing Watch" and passed on to later generations.After the three kingdoms returned to Jin, Emperor Jinwu Sima Yan called Li Mi to enter Beijing as an official.After Li Mi arrived in Luoyang, a colleague asked him, what kind of person Liu Chan was Liu Chan after the former Shu Han?Li Mi replied, "It’s comparable to Qi Gong!"

Qi Gonggong is the hegemon of the Spring and Autumn Period. Liu Chan has always been crowned with the image of "unable to support Adou". How can the two compare?In fact, Li Mi really didn’t say it nonsense, because Liu Chan was indeed an excellent king in many places.

Liu Chan’s birth was quite legendary. He was born in 207 AD, the year when Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang’s "Longzhong pair".Because Liu Chan’s mother, Mrs. Gan, dreamed of swallowing the Beidou star at night, she was pregnant, so she was named A Dou.

Liu Chan had experienced danger several times in his childhood. At the age of 2, Cao Cao defeated Liu Bei in Changsaka. Liu Bei abandoned his wife and young son in order to escape. Fortunately, Zhao Yun finally rescued Liu Chan.

At the age of 5, Sun Quan’s sister, Mrs. Sun, wanted to quietly take Liu Chan to Sun Wu, and was intercepted by Zhao Yun on the river.At the age of 13, Liu Bei called the king in the middle of Han, and Liu Chan was established as the son (Prince Wang).

As the eldest son of Liu Bei, Liu Chan has been highly hoped by Liu Bei since he was a child. Liu Bei not only personally taught his son’s studies, but also asked Zhuge Liang to write books to learn from Liu Chan.In addition, Liu Bei also invited Shu Han’s famous Wenchen Yiji to be Liu Chan’s teacher.When Liu Bei ascended the throne as an emperor, Liu Chan had become a young talent who was able to Wennengwu.

Zhuge Liang once praised Liu Chan’s wisdom and amount. After being known by Liu Bei, Liu Bei said to his son:

"The prime minister sighs Qing’s wisdom, and greatly increases. It is too expected, and you can try this. I have to worry about it.

From Liu Bei’s phrase "too hopes, trial can be so, what worry about me" can be seen that Liu Chan’s performance far exceeds Liu Bei’s expectations, and Liu Bei even showed that he had nothing to worry about in the future.

After Liu Bei died in Yong’an Palace, Liu Chan succeeded, and Liu Chan was only 17 years old.In the second year, Zhuge Liang once praised Liu Chan:

"Eighteen years, talented and benevolent, Edi" -Zhuge Liang "and Du Wei Shu"

It can be seen that even if Liu Chan’s teenager ascended to the throne, he was not a talent, and he even got Zhuge Liang’s strong praise.

In 220 AD, Cao Yu took the lead in the emperor and broke through this layer of window paper. Liu Bei and Sun Quan successively became the emperor and officially entered the "Three Kingdoms" era.If Cao Yu, Liu Bei, and Sun Quan are counted as Wei, Shu, and Wu’s first generation of kings, then Cao Rui, Liu Chan, and Sun Liang are the second generation of kings.Let’s take a look at the relationship between the second generation of kings and the "power ministers" of various countries.

First of all, after Cao Wei, Cao Rui (Emperor Wei Ming) succeeded, he was well versed in checks and balances. The strength of several auxiliary ministers Cao Zhen, Cao Xiu, and Sima Yi was gradually weakened, and Cao Rui was suppressed everywhere.

Look at Sun Liang (Emperor Wu Shao). As the seventh son of Sun Quan, Sun Liang ascended the throne at the age of 10 and 15 years old.After Sun Liang, Sun Liang immediately started to remove Sun Yan, the largest power minister in the DPRK, but the incident was revealed. Instead, Sun Liang was abolished by Sun Yan and was eventually forced to commit suicide.

In other words, whether Cao Wei or Sun Wu regime, their second -generation monarchs are desperately suppressed the power ministers, but Cao Rui succeeded, but Sun Liang failed.In short, their relationship with Quan Chen is not harmonious.

Looking at Shu Han again, Liu Bei drove Bai Emperor Gu Guo before collapsed, and ordered Liu Chan:

"Ru and the prime minister are engaged in, things are like a father."

After Liu Chanzen, he followed his father’s words and respected Zhuge Liang as the "Father". Zhuge Liang was alone in military and political power. It is undoubtedly the biggest minister of Shu Han.Liu Chan was 17 years old. As he grew up slowly, Zhuge Liang had already blocked Liu Chan’s stumbling block.However, Liu Chan never wanted to knock down Zhuge Liang. Even if Zhuge Liang was dissatisfied with Liu Chan, Liu Chan "relatives and sages, distant villains", and Liu Chan never thought of eliminating Zhuge Liang.In other words, Liu Chan and Zhuge’s prejudice are relatively harmonious, which also requires a kind of wisdom.

Why don’t Liu Chan want to suppress Zhuge Liang, or regain the power of Zhuge Liang?Is he a bad strength?Is it necessary for Xishu and Zhuge Liang?In fact, it is not, because in Liu Chan’s mind, the stability of the country is more important than anything.

Before Liu Bei died, he was lonely to Zhuge Liang and let Zhuge Liang assist the government, instead of letting Zhuge Liang replace government.After Liu Bei’s death, Zhuge Liang took the role of "Prime Minister" to win great power, and the later master Liu Chan became the "child" of the Snail House Palace.From this point, Zhuge Liang violated Liu Bei’s entrustment.Liu Chan was clever since he was a child, and he would not understand what he would mean in the past.But he has been thinking about the overall situation, never saying this.

For the sake of the Northern Expedition, Zhuge Liang’s poor soldiers, and the burden of the people of Shu land was very heavy. Liu Chan politely persuaded:

"If you want to get north again, you are afraid to do it."

However, Zhuge Liang, who was a courtier, did not obey the emperor’s advice and insisted on the sign.Liu Chan finally decided to support Zhuge Liang.After Zhuge Liang’s death, Liu Chan immediately stopped the Northern Expedition and resumed production.

This is Liu Chan. Although he does not agree with the Northern Expedition, he knows that the situation cannot be changed, and he supports it.

Zhuge Liang failed to take the Northern Expedition because of his mistake. Liu Chan did not account for Zhuge Liang. Instead, he comforted that "victory or defeat is a common thing."

Zhuge Liang was very embarrassed and degraded three levels.But when Zhuge Liang fought a victory, the first thing Liu Chan did was to restore Zhuge Liang’s official position.After Zhuge Liang died of Wuzhangyuan, Liu Chan cried on the royal couch and could not go to the dynasty sadly.When Zhuge Liang’s body was transported back to Chengdu, Liu Chan personally went out of the city to welcome 20 miles.

Judging from Liu Chanzhu’s attitude towards Ge Liang, Liu Chan gave Zhuge Liang a full respect and understanding.

Looking at Zhuge Liang, how did he treat Liu Chan?When Zhuge Liang wrote "Teacher", Liu Chan was 22 years old, and Zhuge Liang did not forget to teach Liu Chan.Not only that, Zhuge Liang also sent his confidant to the palace to supervise Liu Chan’s daily words and deeds.

There is a saying in the Taoist thought that "the monarchy is inaction, the court is doing something", and Liu Chan chose this kind of road.If he and Zhuge Liang are both people, they will inevitably collide in major events. In the end, they are the weak Shu Han dynasties.

In a word, all Zhuge Liang’s actions will be made, and Liu Chan can see it clearly.If it wasn’t for Liu Chan to give him space, Zhuge Liang may be just a Jiang Yan or Fei Yi.No wonder the poet Yuan Mei of the Qing Dynasty once said:

"Kong Mingzhi’s sage is the sage of the Lord."

As a weak country in the Three Kingdoms, Liu Chan was able to be the emperor in Shudi for 41 years, and it was the only country in China that did not have a leadership team in China (even after Zhuge Liang’s death). This shows that Liu Chan is indeed not a faint generation.Essence

Why is Liu Chan not "unable to support Adou", but an excellent politician. Below, it is explained by four things.

First, Liu Yanxiu’s wife incident, "Three Kingdoms · Shu Zhi" records:

In the first month of the twelve years, the wife of Hu’s wife entered the queen mother, and the queen mother ordered Hu Hu’s family.Hu’s is beautiful, and he doubts that he has a private with his post -Lord …

After Liu Chan was ascended, Liu Yan was named the Township Hou, and was a general of the car in the army.In 234 AD, Liu Yan’s wife Hu’s entered the palace to congratulate the queen queen, and the queen mother stayed in Huto for a month in the palace.Because the Hu family was beautiful, Liu Yan suspected that Liu Chan and Hu were dyed, so they took their wives.In the end, Liu Chan decided to cancel the regulations of the minister’s wife or mother entering the palace to prevent this misunderstanding from happening again.

It can be seen from the Liu Yan incident that Liu Chan’s approach is quite proper.

Second, Xia Houba returned to the incident.Xia Houba was the son of Xia Houyuan, a famous general of the Three Kingdoms. In 219 AD, Xia Houyuan was killed by Huang Zhong in Dingjun Mountain. Thirty years later, Sima Yi launched the change of Gaoping Ling.Liu Chan knew that Shu Han and Xia Houba had the hatred of killing his father. In order to win Xia Houba, Liu Chan said to Xia Houba:

"The father of Qing was killed in the ears of the line, and the hand blade of my ancestors was also …

Liu Chan wants to express two points. First, your dad is not killed by my dad, and we have no revenge.Second, Liu Chan’s queen is Zhang Fei’s daughter, and Zhang Fei’s wife is Xia Houyuan’s niece.For calculating, Liu Chan and Xia Houba have relatives?

In order to get a tiger general, Liu Chan first resolved the hatred of the two, and then approached Xia Houba, which was wisdom.

Third, Wei Yan made an anti -incident. After Zhuge Liang’s death, Wei Yan conspired to be killed. For Wei Yan, Liu Chan said:

"It has been named to be guilty, and I still read the previous merits and give it to the coffin."

In simple terms, Liu Chan first admitted that Wei Yanmou was guilty, but he did not forget Wei Yan’s credit before. It can be seen that Liu Chan is a monarch of benevolence.

Fourth, Liu Chan abolished the prime minister.When Zhuge Liang was alive, he was independent of power, and Liu Chan knew this disadvantage.When Zhuge Liang died, Liu Chan no longer set up the position of the prime minister in order to prevent the minister’s power from excessive power.It can be seen that Liu Chan is not an incompetent person. He is a politician who knows how to check and balance.

Before Zhuge Liang’s death, the people of Shu were overwhelmed, and Shu Han reluctantly supported under the leadership of Zhuge Liang.When Zhuge Liang died, although Jiang Wei and others, Shu Han’s national strength was not as good as before.

When Sima Zhao sent Deng Ai, Zhong Hui, and Zhuge Xu to attack Shu Han in three ways, Jiang Wei led the main force of Shu Han in the army of Jiange and Zhonghui, but Deng Ai smuggled the yin at this time, waiting for Liu Chan to know Deng Ai Ai AiThe army has arrived outside Chengdu City, everything is too late.

At this time, Liu Chan had two choices, first: to fight without a chance; second, surrender.If he chose the former, he could have a bone of praise, however, the people of the Shu Han would be around.If he chose the latter, he would be scolded, but he saved the land he loved.In the end, he chose to surrender to Deng Ai, and Shu Han died.

After Liu Chan surrendered, he ushered in another "high light moment" in his life, that is, "you don’t think about Shu".At the banquet, Sima Zhao used wine and food to pay attention to Liu Chan and other Shu Han monarchs. In order to evoke the feelings of Liu Chan and others, Sima Zhao deliberately let the singing girl perform a dance of Shu Di.I didn’t see it, I said and laughed.

Sima Zhao was very surprised. He said secretly: "Liu Chan’s heart is really big, is he stupid?" Can’t help asking if Liu Chan missed his hometown, Liu Chan replied with a smile: "Happy here, don’t think about Shu!"

As soon as this statement came out, everyone was stunned.The old minister of Shu Han felt that the former master was too shameful, and the Minister of Wei and Jin felt that Liu Chan was a bit stupid.

In fact, is Liu Chan stupid, as an excellent politician, he is pretending to be stupid.He knew: Only when he didn’t think of Shu land, Sima Zhao would really be at ease of Shu Land. This is the highest state of "pretending to be stupid".

Back to the beginning, why does Li Mi say that Liu Chan is comparable to Qi Gong?Because in the hearts of the Shu land, Liu Chan is indeed a good king.Prior to the Song Dynasty, Baixin in Shu Di always felt Liu Chan’s grace. They were Liu Chan’s temple and sacrificed for generations.Only the kings who have won the hearts of the people will sacrifice him.

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