Is it true to hear big "pickles carcinogenic" since childhood?

Recently, a hospital in Shanghai diagnosed a blue and black patient.The parties said that after waking up in the afternoon, they found that their whole body became blue and black, like "Avatar", scaring him at a loss.Immediately, he began to panic, breathing difficulties, headache and vomiting, and physical strength. He was rushed to the hospital by 120 emergency vehicles.

The patient described himself that he had eaten pickles and salted fish in the refrigerator 1 hour before the onset.After the arterial blood emergency test, the blood that the patient was pulled out showed "weird" blue and black.The test results showed that the patient’s arterial hemoglobin high -speed rail hemoglobin value was exploded, and the diagnosis was clearly diagnosed as high -speed rail hemoglobin.

Doctors believe that the cause of patient poisoning is nitrite poisoning, and from description, it should be derived from pickling vegetables.In life, nitrite is very common. Pickled meat products, kimchi, etc., as well as some deterioration vegetables, as well as the bitter water and the leftovers that are too long, contain a large amount of nitrite.This news also made the majority of netizens afraid of being confused and confused: Can pickles still eat?Is it true that it is true that it can be carcinogenic when I heard that a lot of pickled vegetables from a young age?

Will eating pickles really cause cancer?

First of all, according to the "List of Cancer of the International Cancer Research Institutions of the World Health Organization" published by the State Food and Drug Administration in 2017, pickled vegetables are 2B carcinogens.

Type 2B of carcinogens refers to carcinogenic carcinogens. Such carcinogens have limited evidence of carcinogenicity on people, and insufficient evidence of carcinogens on experimental animals; or insufficient evidence on human carcinogenicity, and sufficient evidence of carcinogenicity of experimental animals.In other words, the evidence of carcinogenic carcinogens is not sufficient.

There may be carcinogens in pickled vegetables, but it cannot be comprehensive.The practices of pickles between different regions are also different, such as pickling time, raw materials, and differences in ingredients.Therefore, it is not that eating pickles will definitely cause cancer, but pickles that are unqualified or improperly produced will indeed increase the risk of cancer.

As we all know, pickled vegetables often contain a lot of nitrite, and nitrite is one of the common food additives. It will not be poisoned if it meets the scope of national standards.Nitrosamines are produced after nitrite and amine compounds in food.Too much nitrosamine intake will increase the risk of cancer such as gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, and liver cancer.

At the same time, excessive intake of pickles will also increase the risk of gastric cancer due to high -salt diet.Therefore, we don’t need to be too nervous for pickles, but we must also be vigilant.

Who are not recommended to eat pickles?

Patients with hypertension, renal dysfunction and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

In general, the salted vegetables are high -salt food.Patients with such diseases require diet and low -salt and low sodium, and eating pickles may affect the disease.It is recommended to have some basic diseases. Before eating pickles, it is best to understand whether it is suitable for consumption.

Gastritis, gastric ulcer and other digestive disease diseases

Pickled vegetables are often not easy to digest, and it will stimulate the secretion of gastric acid and aggravate the condition, and increase the burden on the stomach.

In addition, the elderly, pregnant women and children should not consume too much pickled vegetables to avoid aggravating the burden on the kidneys and affect nutritional intake.

The pharmacy network mall reminds that if the ingredients appear odor and abnormal, please do not eat it. Based on the principle of "conservative selection", it should be thrown away.If you are unfortunately poisoned after you eat it, the whole body becomes blue and black, and there are symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and dyspnea. Please seek medical treatment in time.

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