Is it true that you can’t eat chocolate if you are pregnant?Many people have done wrong, the answer is like this

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Do you eat chocolate during pregnancy?The cousin is a novice mother. After pregnancy, she is particularly chocolate. She ate chocolate in the early stages of pregnancy. When she was eating, her mother -in -law came home and saw that her cousin was eating chocolate. She was worried that she could not eat chocolate when she was pregnant.

The cousin who was eating chocolate, and after listening to her mother -in -law’s words, she didn’t eat it.But I do n’t know why, I never wanted to eat chocolate before pregnancy. After pregnancy, I grew chocolate. The cousin asked me with doubts. Can I eat chocolate after pregnancy?She said she went to watch it online, and some said she could eat, and some said she could not eat, which made her even more puzzled.

Every pregnant mother starts with novice mothers, so many people have doubts about whether they can eat chocolate. Below the post of "can you eat chocolate after pregnancy", there are two such comments, which reflect many pregnancy, which reflects many pregnancy.Moms’ concerns.

The baby who eats chocolate will become dark. The mother said that her and her child’s father’s skin is not black, but the child’s skin is particularly dark. It happens that the pregnant mother eats chocolate during pregnancy, so she suspects that the child is caused by chocolate.I believe that many mothers see such comments. For the white skin of the child, they will bear it if they want to eat chocolate. In fact, the child’s skin is not related to eating chocolate.

Chocolate and chocolate children are prone to dynamics. The mother eats chocolate during pregnancy. Now the child loves moving. In fact, the child loves to move and eat chocolate.In fact, there are no rigid regulations that pregnant mothers cannot eat chocolate. However, whether pregnant women can eat chocolate, it really depends on the physical condition, thoughts and chocolate methods of pregnant mothers.The physical condition of pregnant mothers

Some people have changed their bodies. One of my friends can basically eat anything before pregnancy. The urticaria during pregnancy is painful. This kind of pregnant mother should pay attention to some, and everything is subject to physical condition.Some pregnant mothers have high blood sugar, and chocolate cannot be eaten, because the sugar content of chocolate is relatively high, and the blood sugar cannot be controlled after eating. This is risky.This situation is not only unable to eat chocolate, but many sweets must be controlled.

Therefore, if the pregnant mother is not allergic to chocolate and allows physical health, the doctor does not emphasize that it is okay to eat chocolate.The thought of pregnant mothers

Seeing a sharing of a pregnant mother, she said that she usually loves spicy food. After pregnancy, her mother -in -law asked her to eat less spicy, and she kept controlling herself not to eat spicy.After the early pregnancy, I really couldn’t control myself. When I stole myself, I went to eat hot and spicy. After eating the spicy spicy hot, I was particularly satisfied. After returning home, I regretted eating spicy., Just relieve it again and again, blame yourself.

Regardless of whether you can eat spicy food after pregnancy, this is the emotion brought by this satisfaction and self -blame, which may be more harmful than eating spicy hot and spicy.In other words, we must have a scale in our hearts to balance our needs and feelings, rather than being surrounded by "who says".How to eat chocolate

Whether you are pregnant or usually you eat all kinds of things, you must follow the right principle, and you have to eat anything.If the pregnant mother wants to eat chocolate, it is okay to take a few mouthfuls to solve it.At the same time, do n’t eat before meals. The calories and sugar content of chocolate are very high, and it is easy to feel full. If you eat it before meals, you do n’t want to eat.

In summary, if your health is allowed, it is possible to eat chocolate in moderation.

Novice mothers will encounter a lot of unknown things when they are pregnant. While constantly looking for answers, they must also keep firm and not be able to do things.For example, do not smoke and drink, especially second -hand smoke, which is easy to ignore.Don’t dye your hair, don’t drink coffee, don’t stay up late.

At the same time, do not over -control the weight. Moderate control of weight is good. It is not only good for postpartum recovery and production, but it is not advisable to listen to the entire pregnancy of 5 pounds or 10.Do n’t eat nutrients randomly. Once you are pregnant, you will prepare a lot of supplements at home. Food supplements are the safest, but do n’t eat various nutrients too much.

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