Is it suitable for pregnant women to do a yin -type B -ultrasound?In these cases, you need to do inspection

Although many pregnant women know that the B -ultrasound can know the fetus during pregnancy, they think that only the abdomen B -ultrasound will not hurt the fetus.The overtime will be particularly excluded.But in fact, pregnant women do not hurt the fetus in the early pregnancy, especially these pregnant women who need to do vaginal B -ultrasound.

The B -ultrasound is different from the X -ray and CT. It is a sound wave inspection. There is no ionizing radiation and electromagnetic radiation, which basically does not harm the body.It is generally divided into two types of vaginal and abdomen, but the principles of the two tests are the same, but the position of the probe is different. Some pregnant women may think that the vaginal B -ultrasound in the early pregnancy will cause the fetus to be stimulated and lead to a threatened abortion.However, in fact, vaginal B -ultrasound in the early pregnancy will not cause the risk of abortion of fetal abortion, nor will the vagina infection, but if pregnant women really reject it, they can choose abdominal B -ultrasound for examination, but note that if it is the following kinds of these kinds of these kindsPregnant women must do vaginal B -ultrasound.

1. Pregnant women who have abnormalities such as bleeding and abnormal abdominal pain

If there is a small amount of vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy and accompanied by abdominal pain, you need to make a vaginal B ultrasound judgment in time to avoid delaying the disease. Most of the natural abortion signs occur.

Second, women with repeated abortion

Women who have repeated miscarriage before pregnancy should pay special attention. After pregnancy, the vaginal B ultrasound is detected, because women who repeatedly miscarriage before pregnancy may suspect that the cervix function is incomplete and there may be cervical problems. At this time, vaginal B -ultrasound can be performed.Okay know the cervix.

3. Once a cesarean section was performed

The pregnant woman who is pregnant after cesarean section is pregnant again. After pregnancy, the vaginal B -ultrasound needs to be clear about the distance of the pregnancy sac and scar to reduce the incidence of scar pregnancy.

Fourth, more obese pregnant women

If the pregnant woman is too obese, her abdomen wall is too thick and the abdomen fat is too much. It is easy to see the phenomenon through the B -ultrasound.

5. Pregnant women covering the fetal head

Some pregnant women are in the third trimester of pregnancy due to the obstruction of the fetal head. At this time, it is difficult to see the situation in the uterine cavity through the B -ultrasound. The doctor must clarify the situation of the placenta and the cervix, so that women should conduct a more detailed check in the vaginal B -ultrasound.

Warm reminder that pregnant women perform B -ultrasound during pregnancy, but vaginal B -ultrasound will not cause harm to the fetus, especially these kinds of pregnant women should be carried out under the guidance of a doctor, do not exclude it. After all, do not reject it. After allThe fetus will not have an impact, but you can know the condition of the fetus, which is conducive to the production of pregnant women.

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