Is it really necessary to do yin super during the checkup?It is really necessary for these two kinds of pregnant mothers

Xiaoyun has been pregnant for 6 months. Today, I went to the hospital for a checkup. After the tested palace high, the doctor told Xiaoyun’s fetal head to be small. It may be a malformation of the fetal head.Xiao Yun was panicked when she heard the news. On the one hand, she was worried about the baby, and on the other hand, she had never heard of the Yin Chao project. "What is Yin Chao? Can’t B -ultrasound check out?"Xiaoyun asked the doctor, and the doctor only told him:" For this situation, Yin Chao’s test results are more accurate than B -ultrasound, so it is recommended to do Yin Chao. "Many pregnant mothers have understood B -ultrasound, but few people know what is going on with Yin Chao. So what is the difference between Yin Chao and B -ultrasound? Under what circumstances do pregnant mothers need to do Yin Chao?Let’s take a look at it together.

B -ultrasound

B -ultrasound is a way of detection by pregnant mothers. The principle is to detect the baby’s baby through ultrasonic technology. Before doing the B super, people are often required to drink water and urinate, so that the bladder is filled with the intestinal tube in order to entertain the intestinal tube so that soBetter detection.For ordinary pregnant mothers, B -ultrasound can already meet the basic testing of various indicators of the fetus, such as the location and development of the fetus, and will only be required to do a more detailed examination under special circumstances.


The principle of Yin Chao is actually the same as the B -ultrasound, but the method of detection is different. The B -ultrasound is placed on the abdomen detection, and the Yin Chao is carried out in the vagina or rectum.Drinking water and urination like B -ultrasound. Since the detection location itself is very close to the uterus and ovaries, the image clarity will be relatively high, and the results are more accurate.When some doctors need to be clearer image, sometimes it is recommended that pregnant mothers conduct yin super testing.

Contrast between the two

Although Yin Chao has certain advantages, because the probe needs to be put into the private part of the woman, it is very limited. Many people are unwilling to use this troublesome detection method, but for ectopic pregnancy and fetal head deformityIn other special cases, it is better to diagnose it through Yin Chao for the sake of insurance.Of course, for most normal pregnant mothers, it is generally not required to perform yin super detection.

What kind of situation can’t do yin super?

In the early stages of pregnancy, whether it is a B -ultrasound or a yin -shaped baby baby, it will have an adverse effect. If there are no special circumstances, it is not recommended to perform yin or B -ultrasound at the time of pregnancy.The probe is put into the pregnant mother’s body, and the risk factor of Yin Chao will be larger.In some cases, it is not possible to do yin super. For example, when pregnant mothers suffer from vaginitis and other diseases, yin super easily causes cross infection.

Dear mothers, have you ever heard of Yin Chao?If you choose a clearer Yin Chao or simple B -ultrasound in the case of eligible conditions?

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