Is it okay to lie on the right side of the third trimester?What sleeping position should be used in the third trimester is conducive to fetal development

A novice mother consulted in the background, because she saw an article that I had seen before talking about sleeping posture during pregnancy. Although there was a lot of relieved, she was always a bit unhappy in her heart.Doctor, doctors said without saying: Sleeping left to the fetus is best.

When she was sleeping at night, she still didn’t feel at ease, and couldn’t help but tend to sleep on the left, but she woke up every day and felt her back pain, as if she was not right everywhere.

Can pregnant women sleep on the right side?

The answer is: Of course!

Sleeping on the left is just a doctor’s suggestion.Medical explanation can be seen in the figure:

Seeing that these professional explanations are distressed, they are particularly worried that their sleeping position is not delaying the development of the fetus. Originally, pregnant women were anxious complexes, sensitive complexes, and they were worried about a little movement.I dare not adjust their posture at will.

In fact, I want to give an example, you understand, this medical theory is a medical understanding now. Before that, when you said far away, when you said that the mothers were pregnant with us, where do they know that they would sleep left to the rightSleeping, some have to be busy for a day, and we fell asleep at night. Do n’t we all be born alive?

Therefore, doctors suggest that this is a role in auxiliary, not something that must be done.

√ Just go to bed before going to bed. Don’t worry about what state after waking up;

√ Do n’t be anxious even if you lie down flat, just sleep on the left when you fall asleep;

These two points are very simple suggestions, but in fact, every pregnant mother will be scared by sleeping on the left. Don’t ask me why I know, I was so scared that year.

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