Is it okay to be a crowd of people in 2 months of pregnancy?

1. The calculation of the fetal time is based on the sky. The monthly calculation is calculated. Generally, the tire surgery can be performed at one month of pregnancy. It is not more than 3 months later.Essence

2. Why do you want to get a fetus three months before pregnancy? The first three months of pregnancy, the uterus is not too big, the fetus and fetal crickets have not yet been formed.Expanding the cervix can remove the fetus, which is more assured in the safety of surgery, providing a strong guarantee for women’s safety.

3. Experts point out that 35-45 days of pregnancy are the best time for fetal fetus.Because the earlier the tire surgery, the simpler and safer; on the contrary, the tire surgery is complicated, and the recovery time after surgery is long.Because the uterus is not too large within 35-45 days of pregnancy, the fetus and the placenta have not yet been formed. Generally, the cervix does not need to be expanded. It is easy to suck the tissue of the fetal block.You can go home in hours, recover quickly, and have a small impact on your body, but pay attention to the supplementary after surgery.

4. After knowing that you can get a fetus for a few months, you can make judgments based on your own situation. If the fetus is already large, it is recommended that you leave your baby to get married quickly. After all, bold will not only hurt your body, but alsoIt will also affect your future fertility, so it is recommended that if you are conditional, it is best not to get a fetus.

Artificial abortion is something that some women have to face. Some pregnant women do not want to have children if they do not want to have children for various reasons, but very large women do not have a deep understanding and understanding of abortion.What preparations do I need to do?

1. First of all, do a physical examination.Such as urinary pregnancy test, uterine B ultrasound, blood routine, vaginal discharge, and Australian resistance, please doctors to help you determine the way of miscarriage based on your pregnancy.

2. If you are in a certain disease, such as anemia, heart failure, fever, inflammation of the reproductive system, you need to surgery after treatment.

3. If there is a history of drug allergies, avoid choosing a drug abortion, artificial abortion in the mid -term pregnancy, allergies should be performed before medication, and inpatient observation should be required.

4. The day before the abortion should be bathing, replacing underwear, and bringing sanitary products and a small amount of food to the hospital.

Some women choose artificial abortion to remedy once contraceptive failures, but artificial abortion hurts women’s body and physical and mental body and mind. It takes a long time to recover. Therefore, doctors often recommend women to have no special reasons without miscarriage surgery.Essence

Generally speaking, there are three common situations in the vagina after abortion the next day: there are three common situations:

1. The abortion surgery was successful, absorbing all the uterine embryo tissues, the uterine contraction is good, the blood vessels are closed, and there are no obvious postoperative bleeding.

2. The flow of abortion has failed, and the embryo tissue was not sucked out, and the embryo sac continued to develop. Some patients had special uterine positions. It was not easy to explore the uterine cavity. When the abortion was not in place, leakage was produced.

3. Penile surgery complications, uterine cavity and cervical adhesion, blocked the blood accumulation channel, and the vagina has no blood outflow.

The first case is normal.The third case will occur in uterine congestion.Uterine congestion is often accompanied by symptoms such as lower abdominal pain, low fever, and uterine cavity infection. Doctors can touch uterine enlargement through gynecological examinations, and patients have a tenderness; B -ultrasound can see the uterine effusion.The accumulation of uterine cavity can easily cause serious consequences such as uterine cavity infection.If you really can’t rest assured, you can go to the hospital for a B -ultrasound in about 10 days after the flow of people to learn more about the postoperative situation of the uterine cavity.

This is a topic that many husbands and wives who are preparing for children again.Doctors suggest that it is better to wait for 12 months after artificial abortion.Women after artificial abortion are weak in their bodies, and they take a period of time to return to normal. If they are too early, they often develop their fetus due to lack of physical strength and poor nutrition, or cause re -miscarriage.

Women also have to rest for about 2 weeks after abortion, which helps to recover from the body, and to prevent cold, eat more nutritious foods so that the body can recover as soon as possible.

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