Is it okay to be a abortion for 30 days of pregnancy?

On the issue of abortion, many friends who are pregnant are often overwhelmed. I do n’t know when it is the time of being abortion. Is it okay for 30 days of pregnancy? This problem often plagues us and affects our lives.To solve this problem, let’s take a look at it together.Is it possible to do abortion after 30 days of pregnancy.

Is it okay to be a abortion for 30 days of pregnancy?

1. Is it okay to be abortion for 30 days of pregnancy?

The relevant specialty of obstetrics and gynecology introduced to us that generally speaking, friends who are pregnant for one month are okay.Generally speaking, about 35-45 days of pregnancy is the best time for people.If the flow of abortion in less than 5 weeks of pregnancy, at this time, the fetus is too small, and the painless abortion is adopted. Doctors generally cannot see the situation inside.The inner pregnancy tissue is sucked out, but if the fetus is too small, it is easy to cause leakage, which undoubtedly increases the risk of surgery.Therefore, it is very important to grasp the flow of people in abortion surgery, and under the best time of abortion, due to the low difficulty of surgery, the corresponding surgery cost will be reduced.We must pay attention to a series of abortion examinations before we have a flow surgery. Patients must be checked by a doctor before the abortion surgery is performed to determine that it is in the palace., Routine leucorrhea; fast or drink sugar boiling water on the morning of the surgery.Surgery should be changed when the body temperature exceeds 37.5 ° C.Do not be too nervous with the doctor during surgery.

2. When is the best time for people?

Generally, people can be regarded as abortion within 70 days of pregnancy.35-50 days after pregnancy is the best time for people.Before abortion, doctors must be diagnosed with HCG and B -ultrasound diagnosis as intrauterine pregnancy, and determine the number of days of conception and the size of the gestational sac (more than 5mm in the gestational sac) to be suitable for painless abortion.There are also individual differences in the flow of people. Decisions must be determined according to the size and situation of your own gestational sac:

1. During pregnancy, it is less than 35 days. Too small pregnancy sac is not conducive to abortion surgery. Because it is easy to occur or leakage, cause surgery failure, or incomplete abortion, you need to clear the palace again.If the pregnancy sac is developing rapidly, surgery can also be performed, but it must be performed under the operation of regular hospitals and senior experts.

2. For more than 70 days of pregnancy, the pregnancy sac is too large, and the palace is usually scraped or induced.However, if the gestational sac is slow, it can also choose people flow without surgical scope.

3. Causes of abortion during abortion

3.1. The technique of the surgeon is not skilled, and the size and position of the uterus are inaccurate. It has no experience of whether the uterine cavity is absorbed or scraped, and it is easy to cause some embryo or fluffy tissue to be not absorbed.

3.2, uterine deformities such as the vertical diaphragm, the twin uterus, the saddle -shaped uterus, and the twin uterus of the uterine are difficult, and sometimes it can cause incomplete abortion.

3.3. Uterine fibroids are combined with pregnancy, especially underlike tumors, causing irregular uterine cavity and difficulty in surgical operations.

3.4. The bed in the bed is special. If the bed is at the bottom of the uterine cavity, the straws and scratches are not easily touched.

3.5, the negative pressure is too high, stimulating irregular contraction in the uterine muscle wall, forming a narrow ring in a part of the uterine cavity, causing tissue to remain.

3.6, the negative music is too low, the rubber tube is too soft, and the straw is too thin, making the attractiveness insufficient, not only can it easily cause the operation time during the operation, the increase in bleeding, but also the abnormal flow of people.

How long does abortion surgery take?

1. The abortion surgery time is mainly divided into three parts: before surgery, during the operation, after surgery.The three parts add up, about 4 hours.The examination before surgery for 1 to 2 hours, 3 to 5 minutes for surgery, and the anti -inflammatory work after surgery for about 1 hour.

2. Before surgery, the surgery needs to undergo various inspections, usually: leucorrhea, B -ultrasound, gynecological examination, ECG, liver function examination, etc.If you need it, it will take more time to accept more inspection items.Basically this part takes 1 to 2 hours.

3. The time for surgery is relatively short. After the doctor is injected with anesthesia for the recipient, the subject can quickly enter the sleep state.During this time, doctors will quickly complete the operation, and the whole process only takes 3 to 5 minutes.

4. After the surgery is completed, the recipient needs to go to the lounge to hang water and take medicine to prevent the sequelae of surgery infection and surgery.This process usually only takes about an hour, but if any other situation occurs, it may be more than 1 hour.But the operation was short, about half an hour.

Precautions after people

1. Avoid taking a bath

It is best not to take a bath within two weeks after surgery or before the vaginal bleeding.

2. Pay attention to cleaning and hygiene

After the flow of people, keep the vulva clean and hygienic, clean it 1-2 times a day with warm water, and change the menstrual pads and grass paper frequently.

3. Eat more protein foods

Within half a month after abortion, you can eat more chicken, pork lean meat, fish and shrimp, eggs, milk and beans, soy products, etc.

4. egg dates soup

Two eggs, 10 red dates, a moderate amount of brown sugar.Put the water in the pot and boil the eggs and cook, boil red dates and brown sugar in the water, and cook for 20 minutes.

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