Is it normal for pregnancy?Obstetrician: It should be paid attention to

Dr. Xiong is interpreting a report for pregnant mothers.

"Pregnancy vomiting is a process that most pregnant mothers will experience. This also makes many pregnant mothers think that this is a small and ordinary thing. In fact, it is not like this. Sometimes pregnancy vomiting also needs to be paid attention."Xiong Weixian said the hospital."Pregnancy vomiting is a common phenomenon of early pregnancy reactions. Light is just a slight disgusting manifestation in a certain time, such as when you get up or smell the uncomfortable smell.: Burning heart, frequent vomiting, unable to eat … "

First, why is there pregnant vomiting?

The cause of pregnancy vomiting is not clear, but the peak value of the concentration of chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) and the severity of nausea and vomiting during pregnancy have a short overlap, so HCG is often regarded as the first factor that induces vomiting.Pregnancy reactions generally begin to appear after 6 weeks of pregnancy, peaks at 8-10 weeks, and will gradually reduce and disappear in about 12 weeks.The duration and severity of pregnancy will also vary depending on the physique of pregnant women.

2. Will pregnancy affect fetal health?

Bao Ma is very worried that if you eat vomiting and can’t eat it, will the baby baby have no nutrition and affect the baby’s growth and development?Generally speaking, it does not actually."Pregnancy vomiting" mainly occurs in the early pregnancy, while the early pregnancy embryos requires less nutrition. Generally, the baby baby will automatically obtain the required nutrition from the mother.Even if you ca n’t eat it and vomit, your baby can obtain nutrition from the mother.

Third, be alert to pregnancy drama vomiting

Although pregnancy vomiting is a common early pregnancy response, not all Baoma can bear it. If Baoma vomits seriously, you must be vigilant. If you do n’t support it, be careful about pregnancy vomiting!

From the perspective of symptoms, pregnancy drama is different from normal pregnancy, frequent vomiting, not eating, all eaten, and bile or coffee dregs can be seen in the vomit.You cannot rely on enough blood sugar to supplement blood sugar, and start to consume your own fat, and Baoma will be significantly reduced.

At this time, doctors will be diagnosed according to the blood routine, urine routine, and sometimes combined with ECG examination reports. If Baoma has two plus or three plus numbers in repeated urine ketone bodies and electrolyte disorders, it can be diagnosed as pregnancy drama.Bao Ma must pay attention to physical changes and seek medical treatment in time!(Correspondent Hou Rui))

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