Is it normal for menstruation for 10 days?In addition to pregnancy, there are 4 possibilities

With the development of society and the innovation of human thought, women are also responsible for the same heavy work pressure and living pressure as men. If the pressure is too high, it is easy to cause some physical health problems.Therefore, "women’s health" has gradually become a topic that people are now very concerned.

Speaking of "menstruation", whether the menstrual period is normal, it seems to be an important symbol for most people to determine whether their physical health is healthy. Once the menstrual changes are changed, they can easily cause panic from female friends."Menstruation" is a normal phenomenon of women, so we need to master some related knowledge, care for ourselves, and care for others.

Under normal circumstances, women’s menstrual cycle is generally 21 to 35 days, with an average of 28 days. The cycle length varies from person to person.The time of menstruation is 3-7 days, and the seven -day fluctuation time is a normal range. There is no need to be too nervous or panic, but if the time is delayed, we must pay more attention.

For women with normal or sexual life, it may be pregnant.If you want to exclude this possibility, female friends can buy test strips for early pregnancy test strips.You can also go to the hospital for a blood -drawn examination to clarify whether you are pregnant.

If the menstruation is delayed 10 days after the pregnancy results are excluded, it may also be due to the interference of external factors, the occurrence of disease, and changes in living habits.Therefore, if female friends find that their menstruation is delayed for a long time, we need to distinguish whether it is pathological delayed or other factors, and the right medicine is prescribed.

1. The influence of external factors

Women’s endocrine is easily volatile once it is disturbed by external factors.For example, emotional fluctuations, excessive stress, changes in the surrounding environment or weather changes may fluctuate women’s endocrine, causing endocrine disorders, and delayed menstruation.If the delay time is generally about one week due to the interference of external factors, it must be noticed in this period of time.

2. Ovarian, uterine disease

Ovaria and uterine problems in women often knock on female friends through irregular menstruation.If female friends have diseases such as ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids, they will cause irregular menstruation.If you have such diseases, you must actively seek medical treatment and eliminate the "source" of delayed menstruation as soon as possible.

3. Drug impact

If women take contraceptives or some drugs that hurt the uterus, they may also cause delayed menstruation and can consult a doctor to solve it.

4. Excess weight loss

Contemporary people take "thin" as the beauty. For some beauty love women, "weight loss" has always been "time now."You must know that if women want to have normal menstrual period, the body’s fat content must be at least 22%, so if you use excessive diet or use of weight loss drugs, it may cause endocrine disorders in the body, causing adverse impressions such as delayed menstruation.May be amenorrhea.

In general, if the menstrual delay of female friends must be checked in time to minimize the impact of damage.In addition, the menstrual cycle is also closely related to daily life and dietary habits. The body is the capital of the revolution, so everyone must actively do a good job of prevention in daily life.

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