Is it normal for leucorrhea to soak underwear?

Many women in life will have the problem of leucorrhea, which causes more leucorrhea. The votular inflammation may be caused by the inflammation of the leucorrhea. Many women will have a problem of leucorrhea during ovulation.The problem should be performed for gynecological examinations. Women should be alert to gynecological inflammation for long -term leucorrhea. This situation may be attachmentitis or endometritis. Is it normal for leucorrhea to soak panties?

The increase in leucorrhea is a common situation that happens to women. Some friends just wet the inside, but some friends will feel like they come out like a aunt.So in the end, this situation is not normal. Do you want to treat it? Today we will answer this question.

First of all, the normal leucorrhea must meet the four standards: small, white, sticky, and non -odor, but at different stages of the menstrual cycle, leucorrhea will show different traits.Generally speaking, in the few days after menstruation, the leucorrhea is almost free, and the private parts will be relatively dry. During the ovulation period, the leucorrhea will be transparent egg white, and it can also be drawn, and the amount will increase significantly.

Why is there an increase in leucorrhea? Because an important role of leucorrhea is to help conceive.The amount of leucorrhea during ovulation is increased, and the purpose is to pave the road for sperm. In this way, once the sperm goes up along the "runway", you can easily meet the eggs.So you often feel the vulva during ovulation, and there will be traces of some secretions on the underwear.

After the ovulation period, it has entered the luteal period. At this time, the leucorrhea secretions will be reduced, and it will become thick, and the color is white or a bit yellow.

In addition, diet and schedule will also affect leucorrhea, such as drinking less water, eating too much, etc., which may temporarily change the trait of leucorrhea.When you encounter this situation, you can observe for two days first. Usually, the leucorrhea will return to normal with the adjustment of the diet and work and rest.

However, it must be noted that if there is continuous abnormalities, or itching, odor, etc., then you must go to the gynecological clinic to see a doctor! Because of the increase in leucorrhea, it may be vaginitis, endometritis, fallopian tube accumulationLiquid, etc., may also be caused by the diseases such as necrosis and degeneration of the pathogenic tissue of the uterine cavity, cervix or fallopian tube. Female friends must not have a chance.

In addition, some friends are used to using pads. We do not recommend that you do this often, because the pads are not very breathable, and long -term use may bring hidden dangers of bacterial infection.It is recommended that friends with a large amount of leucorrhea can choose to change the underwear.

Is it normal for leucorrhea to soak panties?The increase in leucorrhea is not normal. The reasons for more vaginal discharge are very complicated. As more vaginal discharge, it is easy to breed bacteria. Female leucorrhea must be alert to gynecological inflammation. This situation may be endometritis or caused by the water accumulation of fallopian tubes.Understand the reason why women’s leucorrhea.

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