Is it normal for expectant mothers to have frequent urination during pregnancy?

Is it very common for pregnant mothers during pregnancy, and I want to go to the toilet from time to time. Why is this? Is the frequent urination during pregnancy?Let’s learn with Xiaobian below.

A pregnant mother around me chatted with us: She has been pregnant for three months. She has always ran to the toilet recently.In fact, frequent urination is the most likely to produce symptoms of pregnant mothers. This is mainly because the gradual increased uterus and fetal head are squeezed into the bladder to make them urinate and develop frequent urination.

The bladder is located in front of the uterus. When you are pregnant for 3 months, the uterus increases. From the pelvic cavity, you can touch the increased uterus above the pubic bone combination. At this time, the enlarged uterus can stimulate the bladder in front of the bladder and frequent urination symptoms.After the middle period, the uterus slowly increased in the abdominal cavity, and the stimulation symptoms of the bladder were alleviated.After 28 weeks of pregnancy, irregular uterine contraction (uterus is hard) can occur in normal times, but there is generally no symptoms; once contraction stimulates the bladder, there can be frequent symptoms of urine.If you have not reached a full moon and the contraction is frequent, you should seek medical treatment in time to prevent premature birth.

Entering the late pregnancy, about 38 weeks, the fetal head drops into the pelvis, and the bladder can be compressed and frequent urination symptoms can occur.During the day, pregnant mothers stand or sit in position, and the increased uterus compress the large blood vessels in the abdomen, causing the lower limbs to recover from the vein flow, reduce renal blood flow, and reduce urine during the day.The bed bed at night reduces the compression of the uterine intravenous vein, increases the blood flow of the kidney, and increases the increasing nighturia. This is a normal physiological phenomenon of pregnant mothers.When the symptoms "" accompaniment do not grow, you should seek medical treatment in time to eliminate the possibility of gestational diabetes.

Although it is said that many pregnant mothers have frequent urination when they first start pregnancy, they cannot ignore some pathological signs.After pregnancy, due to the movement of the ureter and bladder, the urine accumulates in the urinary tract, allowing bacteria to easily reproduce, and prone to urinary tract infections.If the pregnant mother occurs when the pain occurs, or when the urine is urgent, you can check the urine routine to see if it is a urinary system infection and other diseases.4 to 12 weeks of pregnancy is a sensitive period for fetal terators. The medication should be used carefully under the guidance of a doctor, but it is not absolutely disabled. You can first drink a lot of water, urinate multiple times, rinse the bladder and urethra, reduce the bacteria in the urinary system in the urinary system.Story, and then properly cooperate with anti -inflammatory drugs, you can reduce symptoms as soon as possible.

In addition, frequent urination may also have other causes, such as inflammation stimulation, when inflammation in the bladder, the threshold of the nerve feels decreases, the urine center is excited, and the frequency of frequent urination is generated.Urinary tract stones and foreign objects are usually the main manifestations of frequent urination.Bladder capacity is reduced, such as bladder occupying lesions, tuberculosis bladder contracture or large bladder stones.Frequent mental neurouria, frequent urination is only seen in daytime, or before going to bed at night, it is often mental tension or see in patients with pheasant diseases. At this time, it can also be accompanied by urgency and dysuria.If frequent urination and urgency and pain, you must seek medical treatment in time.

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