Is it necessary to terminate pregnancy without knowing it in the early pregnancy and CT?

Everyone knows that CT and chest slices are diagnosed with imaging diagnosis through the principle of radiation.Radiation can cause damage to the tissue of the human body.The radiological dose of dosage causes the degeneration of cells and tissue structures, so radiotherapy can treat tumors.And nuclear leakage can lead to death.

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The fetus is so weak, everyone must worry about contacting the radiation will cause the fetal deformity.

I often ask young mothers three questions: The first question is: Is it necessary to be contraceptive after taking the chest tablet and get pregnant?The second question is whether the chest and CT must have a miscarriage if they are pregnant without knowing pregnancy?Third question: Can I accept radioactive examinations during pregnancy?

What are the answers to these questions?Today I will talk to you about this topic–

Radiation is a rush tiger.We all know the incidents of Chel Nobel and the Japanese nuclear leakage.In these nuclear accidents, the staff accepted large doses of radiation, and they had radiation diseases, and tumors, leukemia, and severe short -term death occurred.

But the characteristics of radiation are also used by medicalists.Radiation can penetrate our body on the film to help us diagnose the disease.Radiation can also kill tumor cells in the body to save human life.

As long as the tiger of the radiation can be controlled, it can benefit human beings.The radioactive dose received by the human body during the radioactive examination is very low, so we have received many inspections in our lives and are still healthy.

Receive radiation irradiation in the most sensitive period of fetal teratings may indeed cause fetal damage.

But the radiation that causes abnormal fetal abnormalities must meet two conditions

First, in the early stages of pregnancy (within 12 weeks), especially the fetus, the most sensitive fetal is most sensitive to receive radiation examination within 8-10 weeks.

Second, the dose of radiation reaches a certain strength.

Analyze these two analysis. We answered the first question–

The answer is not needed.Discarding radiation at any time before pregnancy will not cause fetal malformations.X -rays are not radioactive substances that do not stay in the body and will not be continuously released.

According to data from the US Radiation Association and the Obstetrics and Gynecology Association.The irradiated dose of the fetus is higher than 5000mrad to cause the fetus damage.But the radiation dose of a fetal fetus was 0.02-0.07mrad.The irradiated dose of the abdominal flat fetus is 100mrad.The radiation dose of the pyel vein is greater than 1000mrad.During the time of 因为 enema, it is necessary to continuously imagine the irradiated dose of the fetus for about 2000-4000mrad.Clinically, there are fewer gastrointestinals with ravioline enema.

CT checks a slightly large amount of radiation.But it is also related to the inspection site.If it is a pelvic CT, the fetus can reach 1500mrad.The lungs and heads in other parts are away from the pelvic cavity.The irradiation dose of the fetus is far lower than this level.In recent years, CT technology has been continuously improved, and doctors can use low -dose CT.The low -dose CT checks the pelvic cavity, and the radiation dose received by the fetus is only 250mrad.You see so many inspection items do not reach the dose of fetal injury.Therefore, the dosage of the radiation check in a single time is very low, especially the examination away from the pelvic cavity is not enough to cause the fetus damage.

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So we can answer the second question.

You know that abortion is also risky.It is possible that a normal embryo is aborted to cause infertility and regret it once infertility.

Many mothers suffer from internal and surgical diseases after pregnancy.Such as headache, cough, chest pain and even trauma and car accidents.The diagnosis of some diseases requires radiation examination.So do you do it during pregnancy?This is the third problem in front.

The answer is whether it is necessary to do it first.This should respect the opinions of internal surgeons.We must also weigh the advantages and disadvantages when you are undergoing radiation inspection during pregnancy.Is it more serious consequences that do not make filming or CT delay the diagnosis and treatment of the disease?If there is no replacement check method, you must do radiation inspection.

Although the radiological dose of shooting and CT can cause serious damage, some proper protection should be made. For example, when receiving the head CT, the abdomen is covered with a lead in the chest.

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Also remind everyone.The iodine 131 absorption rate of the thyroid gland and the treatment of iodine 131 are widely used in the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disease.Iodine gathers the thyroid part of the fetus to continuously release rays and damage the fetal thyroid function.So taboos during pregnancy and treatment.

How do you understand now?Pregnancy and radioactive examinations are not uncommon.Normal radioactive examination does not require contraception.You can accept radiation inspections when you need it during pregnancy.During pregnancy, you do not need to give up your baby.

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