Is it necessary to do a marriage check before marriage?What exactly do you check for a marriage check?After reading it, I have the bottom of my heart

Before marriage, it refers to a regular physical examination and genital examination of both men and women before marriage to discover diseases and ensure the happiness of marriage after marriage.Before marriage, it is of great significance to both men and women.The content of pre -marital examination includes two parts: medical history and physical examination.Pre -marital examination content includes: pre -marital medical examination, pre -marital hygiene guidance, pre -marital sanitation consultation.

Many years ago, this system has existed. It was not until the implementation of the new version of the "Marriage Registration Regulations" in 2003 that the mandatory marriage inspection was withdrawn from the historical stage.

The current marriage inspection adheres to the voluntary principle, that is, whether the two parties discuss whether they want to be a marriage inspection before the marriage, but in real life, the differences in the marriage inspection are not broken. Some people have resolutely need to be a marriage inspection, and some people are unwilling to marry a checkup from beginning to end.

One: To reflect mutual trust.

"We have known him for almost seven years. I know he is like knowing myself. If you find that the other party is sick during the wedding check, what will your choice? Leaving him or her?After getting this disease after marriage, do you choose a divorce? Marriage should have the minimum trust. "

Two: Do not want to spend time.

"Now the two are busy preparing for the wedding every day. Seeing that the wedding period is approaching, it is difficult for them to get together. Where can they make a whole day to do a marriage check?"

Three: The cost of marriage inspection is too high.

"Why do you spend money on this optional marriage inspection? Especially for farmers living in remote suburbs or mountainous areas, more than 100 yuan in marriage checks are also a small expenditure."

Fourth: I think the marriage inspection is not effective.

"I have a friend who had done a marriage inspection before, and I had collected money and passed. How can the hospital have so seriously? Didn’t the newspaper report that someone sued the hospital because the marriage inspection did not detect the other party’s mental illness?"

Five: I think there is no need to consider childbearing before marriage.

"Who is anxious to ask for a child as soon as you get married. Children are important to everyone. Isn’t it the same when the child is for a child?"

Six: It is believed that the unit’s physical examination can replace the marriage examination.

"Our units have to organize physical examinations every year. Just after checking, their bodies are good, so why not check again."

Seven: Fear of the marriage check process.

"I heard that some projects were uncomfortable, especially for gynecological examinations. Let others fiddish your body hidden place, and it feels too awkward."

Eight: I don’t want to expose privacy.

"Some doctors are too reassuring. They always love to talk loudly. What are you sick? People in the whole corridor have heard it."

1. Marriage inspection can play a characteristic of eugenics and eugenics, and at the same time, it can also improve the quality of the whole people.During the marriage check, doctors will inquire, investigate and analyze family history.

According to the comprehensive medical examination, the following potential genetic diseases are analyzed, and according to their laws, the risk of "affecting the next generation of eugenics" is calculated, thereby helping the newcomers to develop a wedding decision, reducing the birth of marriage and defects because of unsuitable marriage and defects.

2. Marriage examination is a health checkup, and it is also a correct knowledge of marriage and childbearing health for people. Let the prospective newcomers use the best physiological conditions and the details of the fertility plan.Protect the health of women and children due to the risk of pregnancy and abortion.Do you still feel that marriage inspections are necessary, and everyone should pay attention to the importance of marriage inspections.

The men and women who are planning to get married can get the information below through the marriage check:

(1) Objects that should not be married:

1. Patients with severe genetic diseases and congenital malformations.

2. Urofacked reproductive organs that cannot be corrected, and those who cannot perform normal sexual life.

(2) It is not advisable to get married and exclusively. The close relatives of both men and women have the same genetic disease, which mainly refers to hidden dangerous genetic diseases.

(3) The object of a suspension of marriage:

1. You can correct the reproductive organs and then get married after surgery.

2. Activity period with severe diseases.

3. Due to infectious diseases, they should not get married immediately.

(4) Some things you need to pay attention to, such as patients with hepatitis A and hepatitis B.History of genetic diseaseists is positive.This situation may be unlimited, but it is necessary to consider that you may be inherited to the next generation when you are childbearing, and the risk of fertility exists at any time. It is recommended to consult the outpatient clinic or for treatment.

Pre -marital examination is mainly to conduct physical examinations on both men and women who are married in order to discover the disease in a timely manner.Pre -marital inspections include three contents: medical examination, health guidance, and health consultation before marriage.

1. Medical examination

Medical examination is mainly physical examination and genital examination. Physical examination is our usual examination.Genital examination is mainly for women to check whether there are gynecological diseases such as uterine fibroids and endometriosis. For men, they mainly check whether stems and penis are short.In addition, there are examinations of infectious diseases, such as AIDS, hepatitis B, and syphilis; more serious mental illness; and congenital genetic diseases.

2. Health guidance

Health guidance mainly includes whether there is a relationship between blood, understanding the past history and family medical history, and understanding the personal conditions of both men and women, including work conditions, smoking, drinking and other hobbies. If it is a remarriage, you need to consult women’s previous fertility history.

3. Health consultation

Health consultation is mainly to answer questions for both men and women who are preparing to get married. If you have any questions about health, you can ask at this time.Including possible genetic problems and fertility hygiene issues.In fact, pre -marital examination is a conventional medical examination item, so don’t worry too much.

1.The marriage check should be as much as possible from the wedding period. Once the problem is detected, time treatment can be used.The validity period of the marriage inspection is three months.

2.During the wedding check, we will bring three household registration books, ID cards and one -bob crown -free photo. In addition, there must be an introduction letter from both parties (the introduction letter is not for compulsory requirements in accordance with the new regulations).

3.During the marriage examination, women should avoid menstrual periods. After three days of clean menstruation, they should be divorced after three days of menstruation. Otherwise, women’s urine contains a large amount of red blood cells. Doctors will suspect that they have problems such as nephritis and stones.

4.You should rest well the day before the marriage inspection. Do n’t drink too much, do n’t drink, because these may affect the test results of liver merit.

5.Try to eat a light diet as much as possible the day before the marriage inspection, otherwise the cocwa blood (blood turbid) will occur during blood testing, which will affect the results of the examination.

6.On the morning of the marriage check, you must not eat, and you must check on an empty stomach.

7.What should be focused on: The newcomer must rest well a few days before the inspection, do not sleep too late, do not tired, let alone drink, because these situations may affect your liver function test results. Once the GPT increases, the GPT increases, and the GPT increases.You cannot issue you a certificate in time as required, and you have to issue a certificate after the treatment review, and then you have mistaken for your own business.

Before marriage is a voluntary project, so you should respect everyone’s wishes. Of course, this may also cause two people’s trust.It is recommended that two people still communicate well and do not have any misunderstandings about pre -marital examinations.

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