Is it more cost -effective to get pregnant?wrong!If you work these characteristics, you are advised to resign for the fetal treasure

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Although the country has now liberalized three babies, the first and second companies in the first, second or even third companies support you for maternity leave.

In other words, as long as we insist on preparing for production during pregnancy, we will have a maternity leave for about half a year. After that, we will return to work, and one hour of breastfeeding leave every day. It seems that pregnancy is more cost -effective!

If the mother resigns when she is pregnant and has no economic income, she will only rely on her father to raise a few families, and it will be relatively stressful.

Therefore, many mothers will insist on work, but some mothers resign after pregnancy because of their bodies.

For example, if the mother is required to be kept by the doctor, there is basically no way to continue working.

Or the mother’s work is not conducive to the health of the fetus. It is also recommended to resign as soon as possible or leave the salary.

The first job: the work standing for a long time

For example, some mothers are welcomes of salespersons or hotels. They are required to stand throughout the work hours and stand for 8 hours or even 9 hours a day.

This is a relatively large burden on the mother’s increasingly heavier body, so it is recommended that the mother transfer or resign temporarily.

Second job: work with great pressure

For example, after receiving the project, many engineers have worked overtime and even spent the night directly in the company.

Or when the person in charge of the project happens to be critical, when the pressure is very high, young women feel overwhelmed. At this time, if you are pregnant, you can easily affect the health of the fetus and not conducive to prenatal education.

The 3rd job: work with too long time

Some factories have two shifts, and they usually work for 12 hours.

Twelve hours a day at work are a very big burden for mothers during pregnancy, especially in the early pregnancy, mothers are very sleepy and ca n’t eat. Such high -intensity work will affect the health of the fetus and even cause abortion of baby.

The 4th job: the work of carrying heavy objects

For example, construction workers or porters, although most of them are men, occasionally women.

In the early stages of pregnancy, if we often move heavy objects, we may cause fetal abortion, and it may cause premature fetal birth in the third trimester.

Therefore, if you often need to move heavy objects during work, or often you need to bend over, it is recommended to change your position or resign.

5th job: work of environmental pollution

For example, the hospital’s infection department is recommended to transfer a department after pregnancy.

Or the radiology department of the hospital, usually when preparing for pregnancy, you can apply for transferred the post, recuperate for half a year before pregnancy, or in some chemical reagent factories, which contains toxic and harmful substances. It is recommended to move out of the environment.

Some places with too noise, such as you work in a bar, are not suitable when you are pregnant.

Therefore, whether to work after pregnancy depends on the nature and situation of the mother’s work. If the work has the above 5 characteristics, it is recommended that the mother should be transferred away from the post or temporarily resigned. After all, after pregnancy, we are mainly the health of the fetus.

And the bad working environment will not only have premature birth, but also the risk of abortion, but it is not conducive to fetal prenatal education!

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