Is it harmful to the body?Do you know these 5 o’clock mothers?

Many mothers choose to go to the hospital to go to the hospital after giving birth to a baby after giving birth, so that they will prevent the occurrence of accidental pregnancy in the future.But there are also many mothers who have such questions: Will the Sheung Wan be in the body and other body parts of her uterus?Moms have such questions that are reasonable, after all, they have not experienced themselves.

So, Xiaobian will take everyone to listen to the mother who has said the ring, right?

Some mothers said this: I have also been on the ring, and the side effects of the feeling are quite big!Sleeping back to the back of the back, I often feel tired.Monthly menstruation is more and less, and menstruation is a bit annoying.Some mothers say this: I often feel uncomfortable lower abdomen, and there are a lot of leucorrhea, especially in summer, sweaty, sticky below is uncomfortable.Plug -in, I don’t know when it is the end …

Indeed, many mothers’s Sheung Wan experience is not so satisfactory, so Xiaobian thinks it is necessary to talk about the incident of Sheung Wan.

1. Gentle long -term curettage: The birth ring rubbed in the uterine and the endometrium for a long time, producing non -bacterial inflammatory reactions, preventing fertilized eggs from bed;

2. The role of active substances: Metal copper in some intrauterine breeders, which can achieve the purpose of contraception through the local changes in the internal environment of the endometrium and the uterine liquid, and the toxic effect of sperm and eggs;

3. The role of human body anti -foreign body: The built -in foreign body of the human body will produce macrophages and white blood cells. A large number of cells can also have swallowing effects on sperm;

4. Inflammation cells: Aphrodisiac can cause inflammation of the uterus. After the degenerative substance of inflammatory cells reaches a certain concentration, the poisoning embryo cannot continue to develop.

5. Prostaglandin effect: The intrauterine breeder can stimulate the endometrium to produce prostaglandins. Prostagonins cause uterine and fallopian tubes to shrink and peristals. At the same time, the estrogen effect is enhanced, which makes the environment in the uterine cavity not conducive to bed.

Xiaobian has done its best to help you analyze a wave. The final decision is to make your own choice. Here I wish you all good intentions.

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