Is it good to practice yoga during pregnancy?

Star pregnant moms have always been the target of pregnant women’s groups. Many stars will share their pregnancy experience during pregnancy, including symptoms of discomfort during pregnancy, diet during pregnancy, and confinement after giving birth.Recently, Liu Ruoying, a big belly in July, released a selfie of yoga. Liu Ruoying, who was full of pregnancy, also exploded: insisted on exercise, so that my legs had supported the legs of the knife to the present.Although hard, it is also worth it.

Milk tea 5 years ago, the problem of turning on both knee bones was treated. Even if the rehabilitation could not be cured, sometimes it was so painful that people needed help. After pregnancy, the doctor would control the weight. Otherwise, when I was 6 or 7 months pregnantNow it seems that she has no such trouble, netizens boast that "prospective mothers are great" and "good positive energy".

The benefits of yoga during pregnancy

1. The benefits of yoga for mothers’ bodies

Through the stretching and practice of yoga, pregnant mothers can gradually increase the toughness, flexibility and endurance of the muscles step by step, and will not cause pressure on the joints. Especially with the increase of the belly and the transfer of the body’s center of gravity.Balance, shape a good posture.At the same time, pregnant women yoga can effectively improve blood circulation, reduce water retention, and enhance pelvic muscles. Common pain in lower back pain during pregnancy can be relieved.Pregnant women’s yoga can also help you better control blood pressure, which may effectively reduce the risk of puzzle eclampsion.

2. The benefits of yoga for mummy psychology

Through the meditation of the meditation in yoga, the pregnant mother reduces the emotional fluctuations of expectant mothers during pregnancy and enhance the awareness of self -control of the pregnant mother.In addition, pregnant women’s yoga rest can help you overcome fatigue during pregnancy and make you feel energetic.Practicing for 1 hour of pregnant women’s yoga rest, the effect is equivalent to 4 hours of good sleep.

Recommended yoga posture during pregnancy

The first:

1. Lie on the bed on the back, bend your knees upwards to the waist, and then put your hands on your knees.

2. With breathing, let your knees open to both sides and stay for 4-5 breathing.

3. Merge your knees and return to the first posture.

The second type:

1. Lie flat on the bed, stretch both hands on both sides, bend your knees and arched, and your feet are flat on the bed.

2. The upper body keeps remote, and the body leads the body slowly to the right until the leg is pasted to the bed.

3. The upper body keeps removal, and the body leads the body slowly from the right side to the left bed.

Third type:

1. Lie on the right side, hold the head on the right hand, and let the right leg on the bed slightly on the bed.

2. Bend your left knee and lift it to the waist.

3. The left knee is empty as the movement circle around the knee.Then change the left side to lie on the left, and the movement order is lying on the right side.

4. Raise your legs against the wall, pad the small pillow under the hips, and stretch your toes as much as possible to help relax the back muscles of the calf and reduce the feeling of swelling and uncomfortable.

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