Is it good to make up during pregnancy?Pay attention to these details, handling well will not affect the fetus

Aesthetics is the nature of everyone. Both men or women are pursuing beauty in their lives, especially for women.The forms they are pursuing are various forms, and some of them are losing weight all the time, making their bodies look better, some are protecting skin care to make them look younger, some are makeup, making them look more beautiful and more beautiful.Essence

Nowadays, the makeup technique of society is very powerful. It can turn the ugly people into big beauties and can turn the elderly into young people, but after removing makeup, it becomes another person, so makeup is really powerful.

However, some women still think about beauty after pregnancy, but they are afraid that makeup is harmful to the fetus, so it is very contradictory and entanglement to know whether it should be made up.

The aunt has just been pregnant with a child this year. It has been more than 4 months. The aunt is a very beautiful person. Before pregnancy, there was almost no makeup one day.

But after she was pregnant with her child, her aunt did not make makeup. Because of her long -term appearance, she usually didn’t dare to go out, fearing that she would say that she would not be beautiful.She actually wanted to change, but the family said that she was not good for the child. The child might be deformed. The aunt was so scared that she would never dare to pick up the makeup pen.

Before, the aunt asked the doctor during the birth checkup. The doctor said that pregnancy can be put on makeup, but pay special attention to these things, try to light makeup, and it is best not to melt. He told a lot to the aunt, and the aunt’s heart began to boil.It can be made up during pregnancy, and now it can be beautiful.

1. Look at cosmetics ingredients

When making makeup during pregnancy, you must pay attention to the ingredients of cosmetics.

When using cosmetics, pay attention to observe the content of the lead 10mg/kg, the content of arsenic is 2mg/kg, and the cadmium content is 20 mg/kg.Also pay special attention to these two disabled ingredients, phthalate: This is generally contained in nail polish or spray gels. Generally, the contact of mothers during pregnancy will affect the reproductive development of male fetuses.

There are also vitaminic acid: Some acne skin care products may contain vitamin acid, and contact during pregnancy will lead to terators.

2. Remove makeup after makeup

Moms do not make makeup too thick during pregnancy, it is best to make light makeup, and do not make up every day.And after makeup, remember to remove makeup in time when removing makeup, and makeup removal thoroughly.

If the makeup remover is not thorough, it will cause melanin to accumulate in the skin, and it will also affect the skin after the fetus.

3. Mainly light makeup

Moms should try to light makeup when they are pregnant, because heavy makeup not only affects her own skin, but also affects the fetus, because some cosmetics content is healthy, but if there are too many, there will be some harm.

And choose simple cosmetics, do not pick some dive cosmetics, some cosmetics will be difficult to detect whether it is healthy and harmless.

1. Don’t apply lipstick

Moms are best not to use lipstick during pregnancy.Because the ingredients of lipsticks are special, after the mother is applied, if they talk and drink water, they will not pay attention to these actions. The lipstick on the mouth will enter the mother’s body and will have a certain impact on the fetus.

In addition, the content of lipstick is not easy to distinguish. Nowadays, there are many lipsticks that are fraudulent. Most of them are not conducive to human health. The mother’s body is affected, so the fetus cannot grow healthily.

2. Pay attention to skin care products

Pregnant women should also be careful and pay attention when using skin care products. Do not use lead and cadmium content high skin care products.Also pay attention to observe whether alcohol, hormone, heavy metals (copper, mercury, lead) and other ingredients and chemical flavors.

Do not use skin care products such as freckle and whitening. These contain special ingredients and affect the fetus.Moms can choose mild skin care products, which is the kind of hydrating and moisturizing. When buying skin care products, you must find out the source and choose a pregnant woman.

Observe the ingredients carefully. Do not choose the ingredients containing additives. Be careful not to be allergic when skin care.

3. Do not dye your hair, perm

It is best not to perm and dye hair during pregnancy.Because hair dye is generally fraud, and its composition is more complicated. If it is not formal, the pregnant mother’s skin contact will inevitably be harmful to the body.

Hair dyeing and perm can damage the scalp and hair, which is harmful to the mother’s body and indirectly harm the fetus.

Although some doctors have proved that mothers can make up during pregnancy, mothers should not make makeup by themselves. Be careful, pay attention to the harm of cosmetics on the observer.

Also pay special attention to the situation mentioned above, as much as possible, forbearance, for the sake of healthy children, it is also appropriate to continue beauty in the future.

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