Is it good to be pregnant?When pregnant, the fetus is small?

After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers can’t help curious:

√ Is the pregnant belly large and the fetus is large; if the pregnancy belly is small, the fetus is small?

√ Why is the size of each pregnant woman different?

√ Will the stomach be relatively large when you are pregnant with the second child?

Regarding the size of the fetus, Baoma has "100,000 why", don’t worry, let’s give you a comprehensive answer today!

1. The size of the belly is related to these factors

If there is more than the mothers of amniotic fluid, the stomach will appear large; on the contrary, some pregnant mothers have less amniotic fluid, so the belly is not large.

Pregnant mothers with different body tips are different from fat, and the accumulation of fat in the body is different.The amount of fat inside the belly is directly proportional to the size of the belly.

It has something to do with the pelvis. If the pelvis is wide, the belly will not look very large; if the pelvis is narrow, the belly will protrude forward, so it looks very large.

2. Measurement and evaluation of fetal size

The B -ultrasound is like a doctor’s third eye.After the ultrasonic invention, the ultrasonic wave is more accurate by the size of the uterus and the size of the fetus from the length of the palace. When there was no ultrasound before, it could only be estimated by the touch of the hand, which was not objective.

Many pregnant women often think that "the belly is too large or too small, which means that the fetus is too large or too small." In fact, this is an incorrect idea. The abdomen is for reference only, not absolute.

In terms of the size of the uterus, the uterus without pregnancy is like an egg; the size of the 2 months of pregnancy is like the size of the goose eggs; the 3 -month pregnancy is the size of the pear.Each pregnant woman’s belly is different.

When the skin was not stretched and did not relax when the first child was pregnant, most of the stomach would be smaller; as the number of fetuses was pregnant, the skin was loose, and the belly could look largeEssence

3. The belly is still small during production, is it normal?

If the stomach is close to the due date, the fetus may be too small, and the B -ultrasound evaluation results shall prevail.If the fetus is too small, it may be insufficient nutritional intake of pregnant women or poor placenta.

It is generally recommended to increase the overall weight of less than 10 to 15 kilograms during pregnancy, and the weight per month should not exceed 2 to 3 kilograms per month in the second trimester.It is best not to increase the overall weight during pregnancy, so as not to increase the chance of suffering from gestational diabetes. In addition, sweets should be eaten less.

Those who are thinner before pregnancy can increase their weight after pregnancy; otherwise, it is lower.

4. The influence of the fetus is too large or too small

The fetus may produce hypoglycemia after birth, or it may be difficult to give birth during production. It is necessary to change the fetal section with too small fetal fetus.

Poor genes or twins and one size, which may make the fetus smaller.If the doctor evaluates that the environment in the uterus is no longer suitable for fetal residence and the number of pregnancy weeks is large, the fetus may be born early.

The size of the belly does not necessarily mean the size of the fetus. It is not a good thing to be too large and too small. It is the healthiest weight to maintain normal weight ~

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