Is it good or bad for "farting" during pregnancy?It may be related to these 4 reasons, don’t ignore

After women are pregnant, there will be various changes in their bodies. For most women, their attention will begin to move to their belly after pregnancy.Reaction and physical changes.Many women will have a very obvious physiological condition during pregnancy, that is, farting during pregnancy does increase, so many mothers will have questions. They often fart during pregnancy. Is it good or bad?In fact, such a physiological situation during pregnancy is mostly related to these four reasons, let’s take a look.

Is it good or bad for "farting" during pregnancy?It may be related to these 4 reasons, don’t ignore

1. Lutein is making strange

After a woman’s successful pregnancy, the body’s hormone secretion will also change. As the technology increases, the luteal secretion in the body will increase. This is what we call progesterone in our daily life.Only enough progesterone can help the growth and development of baby baby, and can also make the mothers’ bodies more healthy, but when the lutein in the body increases, it will cause our gastrointestinal and intestines to cause our stomach and intestines.It is necessary to stimulate, which causes mothers to always have indigestion or improper absorption during pregnancy, so that it is easier to make the mother fart during pregnancy.

2. It’s all for the baby

Under normal circumstances, when it is in the middle of pregnancy, the growth and development of the babies will be faster. At this time, the mother’s uterus will continue to expand, providing the space for our growth and development.It is easy to cause other organ in the body to be oppressed, especially for the normal work of the stomach and intestines, which causes mothers to change the number of farts during pregnancy.


After pregnancy, mothers will also change very much in diet, and they will eat more than usual. At this time, it is easy to cause mothers to eat some foods that affect their bodies, which will cause abdominal distension.It feels that it is easier to increase the number of farts, so in order to reduce the emergence of this situation, you must pay attention to a reasonable matching diet during pregnancy.

4. Self -help signal issued by the body

If the number of fart farting during pregnancy is extremely large, and you must pay attention to it in a long period of time. This is likely to be some signals issued by the disease. It must be checked in time.It affects the growth and development of the babies, and it also has a certain impact on the maintenance of mothers.

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