Is it good for the same room during menstruation? Will you get pregnant?Doctor: Hundreds of harm but no benefit, don’t take risks

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"Doctor, my aunt has lasted half a month this time, why isn’t it over yet?" A girl who looked like she was only 20 years old embarrassed to consult the doctor.

"You go to a B -ultrasound first to see if there is an abnormal bleeding problem caused by the uterus." The doctor said while preparing to open an examination form.

"No, during my aunt, I had a relationship with my boyfriend, which caused this situation now." The girl anxiously explained.

"Are your previous menstruation normal? Have you any similar problems?" The doctor stopped and continued to ask.

"No, the aunt has always been normal before, almost every month at a fixed time point. This time, she did not hold back during menstrual period, and the result is now the case." The woman said helplessly.

"It is best not to have sex during menstruation.

A little pause, the doctor continued: "So, do you do a check first and make a clear reason."

So, can menstrual life be carried out during menstruation?What impact would it affect the human body if there is a sexual life?Will sexual life be pregnant during menstruation?

If analysis of women’s physiological needs and physical structure, menstrual periods are more likely to make women reach orgasm. Many women’s sexual desire during menstruation and menstruation often increases significantly than usual.

From the perspective of theory, this period can indeed have sex.However, in terms of actual situation, sexual life during menstruation will pose a certain threat to women’s health.

Although the private parts of women at this stage are not different from usual, menstrual genitals and vagina are congested.

In the process of sexual life, it will cause greater friction to the private parts, which will cause damage. If you do not pay attention to hygiene, the risk of women infected with inflammation is greater.

During the menstrual period, women’s cervix mouth has always been open. During the sexual life, women will have the phenomenon of spiritual excitement under continuous stimulation. At this timeIt will also rise.

The woman in the above case is because of the same room during menstrual periods, which leads to an increase in bleeding, and even a backward extension occurs.

In this special time, sexual life may also cause ectopic endometrium. After the uterine infection is infected, it continues to spread to the surrounding tissues, which will cause inflammation in ovarian and fallopian tubes. In severe cases, it may still be possible.As a result, women are infertile.

Therefore, although menstrual period can be carried out, for health considerations, the same room needs to be avoided during menstruation.Otherwise, it is likely to cause menstrual disorders and extend menstruation. During menstruation, sexual life should be avoided as much as possible.

In fact, some women think that the menstrual period is relatively safe. In the past few days, it will definitely not ovulate, which should be absolutely safe.Therefore, it is very assured that sexual life during menstruation is very assured.

So, will the relationship occur during menstruation?

Under normal circumstances, if women’s menstrual periods are relatively normal, the ovulation period is usually unlikely to appear in the menstrual period in seven or eight days before menstruation or seven or eight days after menstruation.

However, affected by living habits, eating habits, and female physical health, the ovulation period is not necessarily completely regular.

Especially for women with a stable menstrual period, it is difficult to accurately predict the ovulation period.This special period may appear in any time period of the menstrual cycle.

Therefore, sexual life is possible at any time.Because sexual life during menstruation is very harmful to women’s health, most women will not choose to have room in this time.

However, sexual life during menstruation cannot absolutely ensure safety. Some women’s ovulation periods are not stable, and sometimes they may occur in menstrual period.

If there is ovulation during menstruation, at this time, sperm will be combined with eggs, and fertilized eggs will also bed.

Therefore, the menstrual period is possible to get pregnant, but the probability of this situation is not too high.For their own health, women should avoid menstrual periods when sexual life.

One thing that needs to be specifically explained here is that do not have sex during menstruation. In two days after menstruation, it is best to avoid sexual life.

Because at this time, women’s bodies are still relatively weak. When menstruation is just outdated, the endometrium will not be repaired immediately. At this time, the body’s immune ability is not strong, and it is easily damaged by harmful substances such as bacteria.

Therefore, these two days will also have adverse effects on women’s bodies in the same room. Only when menstruation is clean for two days, can sexual life be avoided to avoid accidental injuries.

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