Is it good for the fetus to eat "goose eggs"?Pregnant mothers are ignorant anymore, and don’t make a joke with the baby in the belly

Guide: Is it good for the fetus to eat "goose egg"?The pregnant mother is ignorant, and don’t make a joke with the baby in the belly

Friends who open this article, it must be a high value. We are really very destined. I will bring you different parenting information to everyone every day.What are you and have some opinions? Welcome to comment on below. Each editor will read it carefully.So the content of this issue is: Eating "Goose Egg" is good for the fetus?Pregnant mothers are ignorant, and don’t make a joke with the baby in the belly!Then let’s take a look!

Is eating "goose eggs" good for the fetus?No matter how ignorant the mother is pregnant, don’t joke in the stomach

When they were just pregnant, each expectant mother would be very careful, always thinking about her baby, and worried about whether the fetus in the abdomen was fully rest.Every day, I continue to look in the mirror and measure the weight of the fetus.Size, worry that the baby will grow slower and younger than other children.Parents will also begin to improve their diet.During pregnancy, any bad habits should be quit.They will pay attention to nutrition during their diet.They hope that babies can absorb sufficient nutrition, but be careful not to listen to other rumors, otherwise they will cause problems with the baby’s body.

There is a friend of Xixi colleague who is a novice mother.After the baby is pregnant, the whole person will be very nervous.Even if he is wearing a protective suit, be careful not to cause radiation and cause children’s physical discomfort.Other things are needed in life.If your family has something to do, they must go out to call, otherwise it will affect the child’s health.

During pregnancy, novice mothers heard a lot of rumors, saying that eating goose eggs can eliminate fetal toxins and prevent children from suffering from jaundice, so she decided to eat every day.After eating half a month, she suddenly felt a little bloated, particularly uncomfortable, and a little painful.When encountering such a thing, family members are very scared.They hurried to the hospital.After arriving at the hospital, the doctor told his family that the cholesterol content in the goose eggs was very high and could not digest normally, so that the digestive system of the whole body would withstand great pressure.After the examination, the doctor also told his family that if the nutrition is excessive, the fetus will become fatter and more difficult during childbirth.

Therefore, even if this is good for your own children, you must avoid listening to other rumors at will.Your baby’s body is the most important.Some rumors should not be easily followed.

Mobile phone wifi radiation will hurt the fetus

This is actually a rumor.There are two different radiations in life.The first is nuclear radiation.This radiation does cause great harm to the human body.However, there is very little radiation in daily life.Under normal circumstances, radiation will be irradiated with X -rays. In addition, there is very little possibility of nuclear radiation in life, and another radiation electromagnetic radiation has no effect on the baby.

Can’t hold other children

This is also a rumor.Many mothers heard that they should not hug other children during pregnancy, otherwise the fetus in the abdomen will be jealous, but the baby in the mother’s belly will not know anything at all.This behavior will not happen.

Don’t eat mutton, otherwise the baby will crazy

Many people think that what to eat to supplement, if the mother eats mutton during pregnancy, then the baby is likely to suffer from epilepsy, but these words have no scientific basis at all.Successful nutrition during pregnancy is the most important thing

There are rumors that parents cannot listen to them casually.What should be avoided during pregnancy is not to lift heavy objects, do not climb up and down, do not bend over for a long time, and ensure sufficient sleep.This is something to pay attention to during pregnancy.

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