Is it difficult to be allergic to pregnant women?3 kinds of ingredients improve allergies, mothers need to pay attention to (attached recipes) during pregnancy (attached)

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In spring, the peak period of the annual allergic disease is coming again.How should women with allergies effectively prevent the occurrence of allergic diseases?Can they use anti -allergic drugs when they have allergies when they are pregnant or during pregnancy?

When people with allergies come into contact with allergens, their bodies automatically identify and believe that this is a harmful substance, so they activate allergies in the body to guide cells and release allergies, which will cause various immune abnormal response diseases.

People with allergies are relatively more likely to have allergic reactions, such as nasal congestion, flowing nose, itchy eyes, asthma, skin erythema, rubella, diarrhea, etc.

Whether you are preparing for pregnancy or during pregnancy, you should try to minimize or even avoid contact with allergens. Common allergies, dust, animal fur, mold, seafood, etc.

In addition, it is necessary to keep the indoor ventilation and ventilation, and often wash the sheets, bedding and other bedding.

For women who are exposed to cold air outdoors, especially after drying and cold air, women who have contracted due to the stimulation of the respiratory tract will have to wear a scarf and mask when going out to properly protect the neck and mouth and nose.

The third week to the third month of pregnancy is the critical period of differentiation and development of fetal organs. If expectant mothers take drugs at this stage, the possibility of harm to the fetus is still relatively high.

Therefore, if the symptoms of allergies are not serious, you should try to avoid taking any drugs at this time, but you can take some topical drugs for conservative local treatment under the guidance of a doctor.

Some women who need to take medicine for a long time, such as asthma, are better to ask professional doctors to help evaluate the safety of the drug when preparing for pregnancy. Choose drugs that have no harm to the fetus or reduce the dose of drugs.

Do not take it, stop drugs or reduce the amount of medication, so as not to affect the health of maternal and baby.

And if you have taken some drugs before preparing for pregnancy and are worried about affecting the fetus, you must consult a professional doctor after determining the name of the drug (or retaining drugs), and you must inform the doctor during the checkup.They made further detailed inspections.

1. Carrot egg roll

Β-carotene in carrots can effectively prevent allergic reactions such as pollen allergy and allergic dermatitis.

Ingredients: eggs, fragmented carrots, salt, shallots, milk


1. Cut the carrot, stir -fry the oil in the non -sticky pot until the discoloration is slightly cooked. The slightly cool carrot is shattered and puts 2 spoons of milk and stir.

2. The two eggs, preferably the soil eggs, put a little green onion and salt.

3. Pour the egg liquid into the non -stick pan with a little oil. Pay attention to the low heat or turn off the heat, so that the egg liquid is evenly spread into a thin round cake, and then the small fire is fixed.

4. Use a shovel and chopsticks to roll with it carefully.Then cut the plate and finally put the tomato sauce. Those who like ham can put the ham in the egg liquid.

2. Cabbain -stir -fry Golden Mushroom

Frequent consumption of enoki mushrooms is conducive to eliminating toxins and waste produced by heavy metal ions and metabolism, which can effectively enhance the vitality of the body.

Ingredients: small cabbage, enoki mushroom, garlic, oil 1/2 tablespoon, salt 1/2 teaspoon.


1. Remove the roots of the cabbage, clean it, and cut it into a paragraph.

2. Wash the enoki mushrooms, remove the pipe, peel the garlic, cut it into garlic.

3, hot oil pan, fragrant garlic.Put it in Flame mushrooms and stir -fry.

4. Then put in cabbage and stir -fry.Add salt and season, and fry slightly.

3. Red bean jujube soup

Jujube contains a large amount of anti -allergic substances, which can prevent the occurrence of allergic reactions.

Ingredients: red beans, red dates, wolfberry, ginger.


1. Wash the red beans, soak for a while, and then wash it again.Wash the red dates and wolfberry, soak it slightly before rinse.

2. Ginger slices and put all the ingredients in the stew pot.Cook it into soup and drink it.

Allergies have certain geneticity, and research shows that breast milk is conducive to improving the baby’s immunity and helping the baby to better resist the interference of allergens.So relatively speaking, breastfeeding babies are less likely to suffer from allergies.

Therefore, after the baby is born, breastfeeding should be adhered to, and it is best to persist for 4-6 months.

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