Is it better to do the first birth check -up for a few weeks of pregnancy?It’s not 12 weeks, pregnant mothers don’t make mistakes

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Many women do not know when to do the production inspection after pregnancy.Under normal circumstances, the regular first checkup is done in 12 weeks of pregnancy, so there are many projects performed in 12 weeks, and many pregnant mothers should also find it.

However, before 12 weeks of pregnancy, in the early pregnancy, the embryo is unstable, and the abortion of fetal discontinuation is prone to occur. It is also the most worried stage of pregnant mothers. Therefore, it is also necessary to be checked before 12 weeks.", The main inspection items are blood drawing (testing progesterone and HCG) and doing B -ultrasound.

In the early pregnancy, you may start to draw blood 2-3 times or more from pregnancy.

For the first time, I found that I went to the hospital to take blood to confirm my pregnancy after pregnancy. At the same time, refer to the values of progesterone and HCG to see if it is necessary to protect the fetus;

For the second time, according to the doctor’s advice, it is a few days later, mainly to see the double situation of HCG. Double, no abdominal pain and bleeding, indicating that the fetus is developing well;

For the third time, it is generally doubling for the second time without abdominal pain and bleeding. You can check the blood and HCG without drawing blood.But if: the second time is not good, or if there is bleeding or abdominal pain after the second time, then go to the hospital to continue to draw blood to monitor progesterone and HCG to see the double of HCG. At the same time, refer to progesterone.Determine the development of the fetus and see if you need to protect the treatment.

PS: I need to check it a few times, when to check, just listen to the doctor’s advice.

In the early pregnancy, B -ultrasound has two functions: one is to determine whether the fetus is "inner palace" or "outside the palace", and the other is to see if there is a fetal heart bud.

Some doctors will do a yin super at the time of pregnancy (may not be visible to the abdomen B -ultrasound). At this time, the B -ultrasound is to determine whether the embryo is inside or outside the palace;

Some doctors recommend that pregnant women do B -ultrasound after 7 weeks of pregnancy, because they can usually see fetal heart buds after 7 weeks of pregnancy.

Jingma reminds:

① If you do n’t see the fetal heart and fetal buds after 7 weeks of pregnancy, do n’t be too nervous, you can wait a few days to a week before reviewing it. Maybe you can have it, because the fertilized egg may be late, that is, it is actually actually the actual egg, which is actually actually the actual egg, that is, the actual actual is actually the actual egg, which is actually the actual.The fetus has not been 7 weeks;

② As long as the results of the B -ultrasound show that there are fetal buds and fetal heart tube beating, progesterone and HCG are good, there is obvious early pregnancy reaction, it means that the fetus is developing very well.A regular checkup.

③ The special circumstances mentioned above may be: suddenly there are bleeding or abdominal pain, the disappearance of the sudden early pregnancy response, etc., are best to go to the hospital to check the doctor in time to confirm the condition of the fetus.

Early pregnancy embryos are unstable. In addition to inspection, pregnant women should pay more attention to safety and rest, avoid tiredness, avoid the same room, and avoid excessive tension. Of course, Beijing mothers also hope that expectant mothers can spend early pregnancy!If you think it is helpful to you, you need to like the mother of Beijing before leaving!

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