Is it always the kidney deficiency of backache?Have you ever done these five things?

At present, the phenomenon of”back pain”has gradually become a kind of disease, and it is gradually younger. Whether men or women, it is not uncommon for backache.In particular, women have a greater probability of backache, so what is the phenomenon of low back pain?

Women have low back pain, see if these five factors have:

1) Pregnancy.Most of the women’s pregnancy will experience lumbaric acid. Because pregnant women need to use muscle support and bearing pressure after pregnancy, it will be more prone to back pain during pregnancy.

2) Excessive chest.In fact, girls’ chest development is not measured by size.Once the stool is overpowered, it will affect women’s physiological curvature and stress points.

3) osteoporosis.Compared with boys, women’s bones are slightly thinner than men, so the chance of suffering from osteoporosis will be higher. Therefore, it is recommended that women usually pay attention to exercise and timely calcium supplementation to avoid backache.

4) Menstruation cycle.I believe that everyone knows that girls will become sensitive and irritable during menstrual periods, and there will be backache and other phenomena in the physiological period. Under normal circumstances, symptoms will disappear after menstruation.

5) Sitting for a long time.Sitting for a long time or incorrectly, causing the muscles to be tight, thereby lumbaric acid.Therefore, office workers should pay attention to sitting positions to ensure exercise, so as to relieve backache.

Men’s low back pain must be found in

1) Standing too long.Once a man has back pain, you must first consider his work nature.If this man is a worker, he needs to carry heavy objects for a long time; or teachers, chefs, etc., you need to stand for a long time;

2) Poor sitting.Regardless of men and women, they are sitting or incorrect for a long time.Therefore, office workers should pay attention to sitting positions to ensure exercise, so as to relieve backache.

3) Excessive indulgence leads to kidney deficiency.In addition to the nature of work, low back pain is also a signal of kidney deficiency.Kidney deficiency is closely related to men’s X life. If it is too indulgent in X’s life, it will easily lead to kidney deficiency and back pain.

4) Common waist disease.Some waist diseases are also common, such as lumbar disc herniation and lumbar spine stenosis, which will directly affect the waist and back pain.

5) Kidney stones.Kidney stones are one of the most easily overlooked. It is not as large as ordinary conditions. The low back pain caused by kidney stones will be more obvious, pain, and even unable to stand.

All in all, back pain in life is a common phenomenon.Because most people are not very serious, they are ignored. Once the symptoms of low back pain occur, we must analyze it according to the actual situation and apply the right medicine to adjust the state of life.”作”

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