Is it a year and a half, is it unexpectedly pregnant?

For one and a half years, for various reasons, various unsuccessful, sadness and frustrations are often there, and they occasionally jealous or bad emotions for pregnant women.After reading some posts, some views, I also communicated with friends, and then I thought about whether I could try to think about pregnancy from a rational perspective, and also took the opportunity to comfort myself.First of all, it is a particularly wise thing to accumulate and consider preparing pregnancy rather than accidental pregnancy. At least it shows that the psychological and physiological of the preparation is gradually on the road of preparing to mature.It was even inexplicable to give birth.I have done a statistics abroad. There are nearly 30 % families that a child is not a first child.This kind of thing is very common around. I can only understand this situation as the product of sex Ai, rather than to give birth to life and continue blood.Therefore, no matter what the current results are prepared, you should like yourself.Besides, it is not sad that the aunt is busy and sad, but to analyze the cause.Some people are wrong with the same defense time. Some are not in good condition in one party. Some are small problems in the body.There are so many posts in the community, there are many examples around us, we can find.Most of those who can be pregnant are those who can find the cause in time, resolve the contradictions early, and be confident and powerful.These people can learn.So instead of sadness, it is better to absorb some positive vehicles and change the mentality.What can I do if I have failed several times?It can only show that there may be problems that may not be resolved.And it’s just possible.

Unexpected surprises came to the test tube, thanked the world for bringing me a baby after two years of miscarriage.The world is so beautiful, I hope you can come to this world smoothly.

One menstruation after drunk was on April 22, with a delay in menstruation for 14 days, 49th day of pregnancy, on April 6, to do B -ultrasound, and the groundborn bidding and cardiovascular beating, as shown below.Thanks to the surprise this world, so long for the fate with my baby for so long, I finally waited.

I have been unable to get pregnant since I was aborted in 15 years.I also resigned during the period. I was ready to get pregnant. I was just doubting life. I was worried that the previous abortion was not good.Because my son’s endometrium is very thin, and menstruation is more than 100 days after abortion, he seriously suspects that he has inside palace adhesion, and he is worried that his fallopian tube is not blocked.

Although the husband’s tadpoles have passed a little less each time, the doctor said that in fact, there is some chances of pregnancy, you can get pregnant normally, and the chance is less.that’s right.Otherwise, how can the poor embryo in the past be pregnant.


In order to ensure 16 years of pregnancy, I started to monitor follicles every month, because we gave ourselves 16 years of natural pregnancy. If we could not get pregnant, we would take 17 years in vitro.I did n’t insist on each monitoring in the first two months. When I saw Mao Qian mature, I returned to the same room, I did n’t care if it was ranked.After three months, he did not get pregnant. He resolutely insisted on complete monitoring. After three months of monitoring, he found that he developed such a round and so good follicles without rupture. There was no rupture within three months. The detection excitement was within the normal range.Now I think of it, I think it is stress.In this way, after 16 and a half years, in order to get pregnant as soon as possible, I decided to take a shot of vinegar into ovulation.The hospital in our county did not do it at all, so I started running to the hospital’s hospital test tube.If I injected, the follicles would break, but I was not pregnant yet.

In a blink of an eye, by the end of June, my husband and I discussed it. The remaining two months will not be tossed. After so long, we have not been pregnant. This year, we made a good reputation for CITIC Xiangya.In this way, 16 years ended under our torture.Every month we have to go to the hospital at least three times.Moreover, I am from a small county in Hunan.Without SAN and Hospital, I always ran to X West.I estimate that the total cost of operating a hospital this year is about 30,000 pounds.

Just after the New Year, the Lantern Festival has not ended yet. I realize how difficult a child is, how lucky it is, and many people are even difficult to qualify for test tubes. I have encountered many test tube mothers. Moms feel very likelyGreat.

The ground was checked at more than 5,000 at a time, of which my chromosome cost was large, nearly 1,200 yuan, about 2,000 tubal films. Previously, my husband chroma, but I did not do it.There is no problem with the results of this inspection, but the three lines of the four -dimensional son’s endometrium are unclear.The problem of Weiyi is that the right side of the fallopian tube is smooth and the left side is smooth.Now I think of it. What I want to celebrate is that what I do is a super sacred radical photo, which can prepare for pregnancy next month. It is good for expensive.I was really lucky. In March, I happened to ovulate on the right ovary. If I ovulated on the left, I avoided the risk of ectopic pregnancy.As for why I know, according to my current ultrasonic inspection, there are sac species on the left that can be inferred that the ovulation month can be implanted smoothly on the right side.It is worth mentioning that after two or three months of exercise, the husband’s tadpoles have reached the standard in all aspects, which is a big surprise.So when I signed up, when the oratologist told me that my husband’s tadpole was very good, I wanted to laugh.He didn’t know that my husband had been struggling for so long. Last year, he took so many things, and his tadpoles never met the standard.In short, qualification is a good thing.

The second test of the ground was at the end of March. I spent about $ 6,000 during menstruation. Mediterly anemia screening cost about $ 1,500. Except for me, I have a slight thalassemia, my menstrual settlement rate is a bit high. Other inspections have no problems. My husband has no problem. My husbandThere is no problem with the inspection.

After this inspection, basically all the pre -tube inspections have been completed, and then wait for the results to register because of the results.Here, the detection results of chromosomes and Mediterranean anemia are relatively slow. Usually drunk is about 19 days. The official said that the results should be produced within 30 days. Parents are advised to do the two test tubes in order to sign the contract as soon as possible and enter for a week.

Therefore, the results came out, and it was okay to review the blood sink. From mid -March to late, I ran to Changsha to sign a contract without knowing my pregnancy. Of course, I would like to thank this contract.Because you need to do empty blood sugar and insulin when signing, I learned that my glucose is not resistant. I ca n’t eat too sweet things during pregnancy, which will affect embryonic development.This time, Xiangya also joined the two -meta (a kind of object that reduces blood sugar) and a composite vitamin called vitamin A.

Therefore, it is no problem to sign the next step, that is, after a week of menstruation, I can go to the hysteroscopy to check it. There is no problem with hysteroscopy.I was drunk as early as March for hysteroscopy examination, accepted hysteroscopic examination in April, and accepted hysteroscopic transplantation in May.I felt a step closer to the child. I signed the contract and was glad to go to climb the mountain with my friends.I was pregnant at the time, but I didn’t know that the whole person had crawled down and felt tired. The whole person had no energy, and his legs had no feeling.Later, I went home to make an appointment with my friends to play with X west, climbed another mountain, and shopping on the street for a few days.Then, by the end of April, menstruation will never come again.I waited for hysteroscopy to check, and I was drunk for 4 days for normal menstruation. My menstruation was delayed normally for 2 days.When the menstruation was postponed 2 days, I had nothing to do. I took the remaining early pregnancy test strips and tried it. I did not believe it.After 17 years of urine, I have never seen such a rosy and happy heart.

Two days of the ground, double blood.45 days, ultrasound, everything.I was lucky this time. I was able to give birth to a child before the test tube and save me so much pain. I concluded:

1. Keep an optimistic attitude!This is really drunk!Especially the days of ovulation and waiting for the lottery, do not put pressure on yourself, and be optimistic.

2. Soak your feet in hot water at night.Pay attention to soak your feet after ovulation, you must not be hot, just warm.

3. Basic body temperature+ordinary ovulation test strip+semi -quantitative test strip synchronous detection.Be sure to consult the customer service in time to understand the correct test method. The semi -fixed amount of weakening must be arranged on the day of weakening.

4. Persist in drinking soy milk, especially black beans, supplement progesterone.

5. After ovulation, walk more, and vinegar to swim in fertilized eggs to avoid ectopic pregnancy.

The practice and way of ginger brown sugar, everyone can also be casual.It should be live snow, so drinking during menstruation may be larger, but I think that the endometrium may fall off.

Method: The ginger with a big slap was taken, cut it a few times, then put it in the glass bowl, pressed it with a rolling pin, the pressure was broken, the ginger juice was still kept in the bowl, and then brown sugar.Afraid of spicy, add more brown sugar.If you are not afraid of spicy, you can add a small amount of brown sugar to the ginger, cover the lid, or cover the plastic wrap. Note that if it is a lid of the music buckle, you can leave a sewing.EssenceDon’t add water.Steam for about 20 minutes on the pan, and it can also be used for half an hour. Both brown sugar can be cooked, and it is sticky with ginger.After cold, put in the refrigerator and drink a spoonful of heating water every time.Every time I drink it at random, I am a spoonful, heating water and flushing.Drink it in one breath. It is difficult to eat it in your mouth.

Drinking method: I started drinking it all day long, drinking on an empty stomach in the morning, I didn’t drink it again when I drank the test strip.In fact, I do n’t know if you drink the law science, but this is about half a month.

After being drunk, I really hope that your sisters will be pregnant!

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