Is it a precursor to abortion when I was pregnant and felt abdominal pain?

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Stomach pain in the early stages of pregnancy

During pregnancy, stomach pain is the symptoms often encountered by pregnant mothers, but the causes of abdominal pain in different periods of abdominal pain are also different. For example, stomach pain in the early pregnancy may be a physiological cause or pathological cause.In the case, we must learn to distinguish.

What is the stomach pain in the early stages of pregnancy?

Physiological reasons:

1. Extraction of uterus

After pregnancy, the belly becomes larger every day and the skin is becoming more tight. The pregnant mother will feel a slight pull pain in the abdomen during exercise. However, this is a normal phenomenon after pregnancy. Pregnant mothers can alleviate in bed rest.

2. Excessive gastric acid secretion

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s stomach acid secretion may also feel stomachache, and it can also be nauseous and vomiting. This is also a normal phenomenon. Pregnant mothers can eat more light foods and vegetarian food.

Pathological cause

1. Breakal abortion

Abdominal pain occurs in the early stages of pregnancy. The first choice is to be alert to a pioneering abortion, because the important manifestation of a threatened abortion is hidden abdomen pain. If regular abdominal pain occurs, the possibility of abortion is high.Go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time. If you are confirmed to be early pregnancy after the diagnosis, you can take tire preservation drugs for tire protection treatment.

2. Ectopic pregnancy

In the early stages of pregnancy, stomach pain should also be alert to ectopic pregnancy. If stomach pain continues, unilateral lower abdomen pain, accompanied by vaginal bleeding or faint, you should be admitted to the hospital immediately.judge.

3. Stomach pain or other diseases

Pregnant mothers eat spoiled foods or frozen food, which can cause intestinal spasm and cause stomach pain.In addition, diseases such as gastroenteritis, acute gastritis, and uterine fibroids may also cause stomach pain in the early stages of pregnancy.

What should I pay attention to in the early stages of pregnancy?

1. Avoid sexual life 3 months before pregnancy.

The first three months of pregnancy are the most vulnerable period of the fetus. Because the placenta and the mother’s uterine wall are not too close in the early pregnancy. If sexual life is improper, it is easy to cause uterine contraction and cause miscarriage, especially pregnant women with high abortion risks.

2. Finding vaginal bleeding needs to be medical immediately

If you find vaginal bleeding, even if it is only a small amount, or if the bleeding has stopped, you should go to the hospital immediately to determine that there is no problem with the pregnant woman or the fetus, and exclude the possibility of ectopic pregnancy or fetal stopping.Essence

3. Avoid various adverse factors

Early pregnancy is the critical period of fetal nerve tube development. Pregnant mothers should avoid various unfavorable factors. It is not advisable to smoke and drink, stay away from the environment where harmful chemicals and air are not circulating. Try not to go to the crowded public places.

4. Supplement folic acid

Pregnant women should supplement folic acid from the beginning of pregnancy and eat more folic acid -rich foods, such as: spinach, lettuce, beans, asparagus, animal liver and citrus, apples, etc.

5. Pay attention to rest

In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant mothers are easy to feel tired, and excessive fatigue can easily lead to abortion of pregnant women. Healthy pregnant women can work and work as usual, but avoid strenuous exercise, heavy physical labor, and emotional excitement.Emotional excitement will have adverse effects on the development of the fetal brain. Pregnant women should maintain a good state of mind. Husbands should especially care about their wives.

6. Safe sufficient sleep

Pregnant mothers should ensure 8-10 hours of sleep except for normal work every day.

7. Check in time

In the early stages of pregnancy, stomach pain, or other abnormalities should go to the hospital for examination in time, exclude disease trouble as soon as possible, and create a good environment for giving birth to a healthy baby.

Stomach pain in the early stages of pregnancy, found vaginal bleeding or other abnormalities. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to it and go to the hospital immediately to create a good environment for giving birth to a healthy baby.

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