Is it "health" or "nourishing cancer" for a long time?The test tells you the answer

Sauerkraut has a long history and has always been a kind of wintering dish that residents in the northern China.At present, there are more and more types of sauerkraut in the market. Sauerkraut has also shifted from traditional hand -made workshops to industrialized production, and is loved by more and more people from north to south.

Nowadays, the method of eating sauerkraut is also a variety of ways, and it is loved by the public.In addition to appetizing small dishes, the most common is sauerkraut stew, sauerkraut buckle meat, sauerkraut dumplings, and sauerkraut fried fat intestines.

And sauerkrauts are basically seasonal vegetables, and they are only made when they can’t be eaten.Especially the sauerkraut made by rural people is relatively clean and hygienic, because the peeling vegetable leaves can also feed chicken, duck, goose, etc.

However, some people are also carcinogenic because I heard that eating it often can cause cancer, so they don’t eat it.Is sauerkraut, really the acceleration of cancer?Is it good for physical health or bad?

Organic acids, alcohol, esters, amino acids, etc. produced during the fermentation process of sauerkraut form a unique fresh acid flavor of sauerkraut.And the taste is crispy and tender, the color is bright, the aroma is fragrant, appetizing and refreshing, sobying and greasy.

Sauerkrauts retain the nutrients of the original vegetables to the maximum, rich in vitamin C, amino acids, dietary fiber and other nutrients.Because sauerkraut uses the storage method of lactic acid bacteria superior flora, it contains a large amount of lactic acid bacteria.

It contains 1.1g of protein, 1.9g carbohydrates, and 0.2g of fat in 100g of sauerkraut.In addition to macro nutrients, sauerkraut also contains a certain amount of vitamins, minerals, etc. Among them, the content of vitamin A is 5g/100g, and the potassium content is 104mg/100g.

Everyone is still relatively large in the controversy of sauerkraut. In order to understand the truth of sauerkraut, experts from Qiqihar Health Research Center in Heilongjiang Province have conducted professional research experiments on sauerkraut.

According to relevant studies, vegetables contain a large amount of nitrate. When the vegetables are stored, marinated, cooking, etc. can cause nitrate to be converted into nitrite.This substance has direct and potential harm to the human body. When the human body consumes 200 to 500 mg of nitrite, it will cause poisoning.

However, in the process of pickling sauerkraut, the nitrite content has gone through the trend of rising first and then decreased.And after 20 days of marinating, the nitrite content decreases sharply, and it will not cause nitrite poisoning under this content.

In addition, Xiao Benxi, deputy chief physician of the Nutrition Department of the People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province, introduced that in general, the nitrite content has fallen to a safe level after 20 days of marinating."Sauerkraut can be eaten normally.

However, if the cabbage used in pickled sauerkraut is rotten, or the method of pickling is improper, such as too short marinating time, it may produce carcinogens such as nitrosamines.After consumption, it may cause cancer to enter the body, and it may increase the probability of cancer in the long run.

It is recommended that you face the problem correctly and reasonably according to the knowledge of medical experiments. Do not trust the rumor for a while and worry about your physical health, which affects normal diet health.

1. Improve immunity

Generally, sauerkraut contains rich trace elements, especially copper elements can promote blood circulation, which can excrete harmful substances in the body, enhance the patient’s own immunity, and reduce the occurrence of diseases.

2. There are more nutrition than boiled water

Although the nutritional value of sauerkraut is far less than green leafy vegetables such as spinach, and even compared with Chinese cabbage, it still contains a little nutrients, and the content is at least more than boiled water.

3. A appetizer

Sauerkraut can mainly achieve the effect of appetizing and fitness, and promote the absorption and digestion of food.It can also achieve the effect of promoting salivary glands, and can also speed up the absorption and digestion of food.

4. Rinse intestinal laxative

The raw materials of sauerkraut are green vegetables. After marinated, the cellulose is soft. Although it is still difficult to digest, the water absorption is enhanced in the gastrointestinal and intestines, which can moist food residue.It can also stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote defecation, suitable for constipation people, and have the effect of moisturizing intestines.

5. Sterilization and disinfection

Sauerkraut contains a large amount of lactic acid bacteria. The lactic acid bacteria belong to probiotic flora and have a certain amount of acid resistance. After consumption, it can survive in the gastrointestinal and intestines to inhibit the proliferation of other harmful flora.

1. Clean the dishes

Pickled sauerkrauts must be cleaned. If there are some corruption or dried leaves in the epidermis, it must be removed, otherwise the marinating taste is not good.Another one is easy to breed bacteria and cause pickled sauerkrauts to be easily corrupted.

2. Select ceramic jar

Pickled sauerkraut is generally recommended for ceramic jars. If there is no home, you can choose glass containers or crocks, but do not choose aluminum containers or plastic containers.Because in the process of pickling sauerkraut, salt will corrode the container, and long -term soaking is very unfavorable to health.

3. Requirements for placement

When marinating the cabbage in the tank, be sure to choose no sunlight.And it is a dry place, so the temperature is not good. It must be placed in a relatively cold outdoor place. In this way, the cabbage will not be corrupted and deteriorate.

4. Do not eat pickled vegetables with short picking time

The nitrite content of pickled vegetables for 2 days is not high, but the nitrite content reaches the highest peak on the 3rd to 8th day, and then gradually decreases, and it drops to the safe range after 1 month.Therefore, pay attention to the marinated time, especially when marinated vegetables at home.

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