Is gum bleeding lack of vitamins or diseases?How should I deal with it?

When brushing your teeth sooner or later, the mouthwash becomes red. When you eat apples, you leave bloody tooth prints.Many people have experienced such gum bleeding.When encountering this phenomenon, some people think that it is a lack of vitamins and eating more vegetables.Others believe that bleeding gums indicates that their coagulation function is poor and may be a disease manifestation.So, which idea is correct?What should I do when gum bleeding?

From a medical perspective, various reasons can cause gum bleeding, which can be roughly summarized as physiological and pathological factors.Physiological factors, common causes, including oral breathing, oral repair stimulation, and changes in hormone levels during menstruation or pregnancy.Pathological factors can also be divided into oral and systemic factors.Oral factors are mainly caused by periodontal disease caused by plaque or dental stones.Separational factors mainly include blood system diseases, hypertension, diabetes, AIDS, malignant anemia, liver failure, hypertrophic spleen function, etc.Therefore, gums should be paid attention to, and comprehensive physical examinations need to be carried out, and health hazards are found in time.

Life factors can also induce gum bleeding, which causes two phenomena for the causes of bleeding of such physiological gums.The first type is that the pressure suddenly increases, and the gum bleeding and bad breath occur. This situation is similar to the fire that everyone usually calls.The second is the change of the oral micro -environment. For example, staying up late or diet imbalance, vitamin deficiency.To deal with such gum bleeding, measures can be adjusted by adjusting the schedule, relief of mental stress, timely supplementing vitamins, increasing vegetables and fruits, and strengthening oral hygiene to regulate immune status, prevent oral inflammation, and reduce gum bleeding.

The cause of gum bleeding also includes two special circumstances.The first type is that the gums of gums in pregnant women, about 70%of pregnant women may encounter this situation, mainly because of changes in hormone levels and immune function, which causes gingivitis to worsen.It should be noted that gingivitis in pregnant women may cause viruses or bacteria to break through the placenta barrier, which will affect the health of mother and baby.The second type is to take drugs such as aspirin for a long time, leading to bleeding gums. In this case, they should check the platelet level in time and adjust the medication plan.

In general, the most common cause of bleeding gums is gingivitis or periodontal disease.Related studies have shown that 75%of our compatriots have different degrees of gingivitis or periodontal disease.The main reason is food residues and bacteria. Dental plaque or dental stones are formed on the surface of the teeth, causing gum infection, and redness, pain, and bleeding in the gums.If this gum bleeding cannot be treated in time, it will develop into a periodontal pocket, causing the gums and alveolar tissue to be damaged, causing loose teeth, and even the teeth fall off.The teeth are good, the appetite can be good, the teeth are dropped, nothing is fragrant, and all kinds of health problems will occur or worsen.

The root cause of gingivitis or periodontal disease is that oral cleaning is not in place.Poor brushing habits or improper methods will cause food residues to accumulate on the surface of the teeth, and saliva contains elements such as calcium and phosphorus. These substances will be combined.Called plaque, in severe cases, developed into calculus.If the plaque is inflamed in the gingival ditch, it belongs to gingivitis. The inflammation invades the periodontal tissue, which is periodontal disease.It should be noted that periodontal disease will increase the condition of chronic diseases such as diabetes, and it is also the cause of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events. Therefore, it needs to be paid attention to and treat it in a timely manner.

Dental plaque cannot be rushed off with water. The tooth floss is needed correctly to remove most of the plaque. If you have formed calculus, you need to use professional tooth cleaning to remove it.The principle of cleansing is the vibration generated by ultrasonic waves to break the dental stones and restore the normal periodontal tissue structure.If the alveolar bone has been absorbed or loosened, and the measures such as cleaning are difficult to solve the problem, professional periodontal treatment is required.Correct brushing your teeth is an important measure to prevent gingivitis or periodontal disease. Two soft hair toothbrushes should be prepared for use in the morning and evening. When brushing, toothbrushes are tilted 45 degrees. Pay attention to cleaning the edge of the gums. If necessary, you can also choose antibacterial gel.In addition, every 6 to 12 months, professional dental cleaning and oral examination should be performed.

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