Is grapefruit a "catalyst" of liver disease?Doctor: Nourishing liver cells, 5 kinds of fruits may be eaten frequently

The human body is like a large machine. The five internal organs are like an important part of the machine. The blood vessels are the pipeline of the pipeline of the pipeline of the five internal organs. The bones are the overall framework of the machine.Normal operation.

If one of the structures are damaged, it will affect the entire machine. Therefore, if a problem with a organs in the body, the balance of the entire body will be affected.

The liver is a very important metabolic detoxification organs in the body. The waste of the human body metabolic every day is discharged through the liver. If there is a problem with the liver, it affects the internal organs and even the entire body.


If the liver is not good, the body will light up the following "red lights", don’t ignore it

Pain in the liver area

When many people have pain in the liver area, they think it is stomach pain. As a result, the best treatment time is missed. In fact, the two are different. If the pain of the liver area, most of the upper abdomen pain will be relatively strong, the right rib or the right rib or the right ribs or the right ribs or the right ribs or the right ribs or the right ribs orThere will also be a sense of pain.

If it hurts, it is usually easy to alleviate when you are hungry or when you eat too full.There is a correlation between the liver and the stomach. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the main liver drainage can promote the transportation of the spleen and stomach.

Spider mole

If a spider mole is found on the skin, it means that the liver function is damaged, but you need to be vigilant. No matter if you find liver disease before, do not ignore it. Go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible to avoid further development of the disease.

Long -term fatigue and fatigue

The liver can not only detoxify and detoxify, but also participate in the metabolism of a variety of nutrients. If the liver has a lesion, the human mental state will be affected, and it will easily cause fatigue.Essence

The eye sclera appears yellow dye

After the liver is damaged, the metabolism of bilirubin will be affected. Bilirubin will enter the blood in the reverse into the blood. The sclera of the eyes will also be yellow. For patients with heavy condition, other parts of the body will also beIt will get yellow.


Is grapefruit a "catalyst" of liver disease?

Grapefruit’s nutritional value is very rich. Among them, it is rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamin C, etc. Proper eating grapefruit is good for the body. For patients with liver disease, you can also eat grapefruit.

People with bad liver eating grapefruit will not damage the liver or aggravate the disease, but control the amount of food and eat as little as possible, and do not eat grapefruit with too cool temperature to avoid stimulating the digestive system.

It is not necessary to eat rotten and deteriorated grapefruit. Because it can cause damage to the liver, it may also cause discomfort such as vomiting, stomach pain, so everyone should pay attention to diet safety.

To protect the liver, try to quit smoking and alcohol in life, avoid long -term staying up late, ensure regular sleep, balanced meals, and exercise appropriately.


Doctor: Nourishing liver cells, 5 kinds of fruits may be eaten frequently


Litchi has the effects of removing cold and dispersing knots, strengthening liver health, which is rich in protein, a variety of vitamins, fat, citric acid, pectin, and phosphorus iron.

Studies have found that the inhibitory and anti -liver fibrosis of the substance contained in lychee can play a certain role in assisting and improving the hepatitis B virus. People with poor liver eating lychee can nourish liver cells.

Virgin fruit

The calories and sugar in the virgin fruit are relatively low. Patients with liver disease can eat with confidence and eat appropriately to nourish liver cells. If people with bad liver do not have appetite, they can eat some virgin fruit to relieve the symptoms of nausea. Among themVitamin C and other nutrients can play a role in clearing heat and reducing heat and reducing fat accumulation.


Lemon contains many vitamin C, which can meet the needs of the body, and can also play a role of detoxification. The nutrients contained in them can nourish liver cells and help the body to generate protein. Protein is a key nutrient for liver repair damage.


Papaya contains papaya, enzymes, proteins, vitamins, etc. Studies have found that papaya is helpful for liver health. Proper eating papaya can help nourish liver cells, reduce gifda aminotransferase in the liver, help repair damaged liver cells, avoid liver cells to avoid liver cellsExcessive death.


Pear contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, which can play a good role in protecting the liver. The vitamin contained in it can regulate the nervous system of the human body, enhance the vitality of the heart, and relieve fatigue.

Pear also has the effects of moisturizing the lungs, cough, and phlegm. Eating pears properly can nourish liver cells, but people with poor spleen and stomach and women during menstruation should avoid using it.


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