Is folic acid only suitable for pregnant women?Folic acid is also important to some other people

When it comes to folic acid, everyone often thinks about the topic of pregnant women, fertility, and preparing pregnancy.This is because with the reinforcement of the thought of eugenics, more and more young prospective parents will start strengthening their health during pregnancy and pregnancy, in order to have healthy babies, and folic acid is one of the commonly used health products.However, is folic acid only suitable for pregnant women?

On August 21, 2014, at Qiaolou Village, Taiping Town, Jiangyou City, Sichuan Province, the Municipal Maternal and Child Health Hospital handled the migrant pregnant women in the villagers’ dam. The medical staff issued health care materials such as pregnant women during pregnancy and presented folic acid.(Cheng Peace/People’s Picture)

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Folic acid is composed of butteridine, aminophenyl acid, and L-glutamic acid, also known as butterflyl glutamate. It is a type of B vitamin and is also called B9.Because it was originally purified by Mitchell by spinach leaf, it was called folic acid.Folic acid mainly exists in fresh fruits and vegetables and meat foods. In the human body, it mainly exists in the form of tetable folic acid. It mainly involves the synthesis of cell division and growth of the body’s metabolism and the synthesis of nucleic acids, amino acids, and proteins.It plays an important role in the process.The deficiency of folic acid will lead to abnormal red blood cells, increase in immature cells, anemia, and reduce white blood cells.The daily daily intake of folical acid in the human body should be 150-200 micrograms, and the demand for pregnant women will be much higher than this.

Supplementing folic acid during pregnancy can prevent fetal neurotherapy.In the early stages of pregnancy, the fetus gradually differentiated from fertilized eggs, and this process requires a lot of folic acid.Folic acid deficiency may lead to brain -free and fetal nerve tube malformations, spine bales, etc., and severe cases can even cause miscarriage.In the middle and late stages, the mother and the fetus need a lot of folic acid. Lack of folic acid will cause premature peeling placenta, fetal anemia and even premature birth.Therefore, supplementing folic acid is particularly important for pregnant women.

However, it is not just that pregnant women need a lot of folic acid, and folic acid is particularly important for some people.First of all, patients with hemolytic anemia and folic acid -related giant red blood cell anemia can alleviate the symptoms of anemia by supplementing folic acid.Secondly, for patients with cardiovascular diseases, 0.8 mg of folic acid daily can reduce the probability of stroke.In addition, the serum content of patients with cardiovascular patients is low, so it is necessary to properly supplement folic acid.

Although folic acid has health effects, errors and excessive use may be counterproductive.If the folic acid is used for excess, it will cover the lack of vitamin B12.For another example, although taking folic acid before the production of cancer cells will reduce the probability of cancer to a certain extent, excessive folic acid may exacerbate the speed of cancer after the production of cancer cells.

We must know the role of folic acid. Folic acid cannot be used as a "exclusive" health product for pregnant women, nor can it be taken blindly.

This article is scientifically controlled by Ding Qingming, deputy director of the Department of Pharmacy of the People’s Hospital of Peking University.

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