Is eating sweet potatoes raising blood sugar or lowering blood sugar?Can diabetic patients eat sweet potatoes?Reveal the truth

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Sweet potatoes can be said to be a very common food. It can be roasted and sweet. It can be eaten, steamed, and can be eaten porridge. It is very delicious.But for patients with diabetes, sweet potatoes cannot be eaten at will.

Some people say that eating sweet potatoes can cause blood sugar to rise, so patients with diabetes cannot be eaten at all.Some people hold opposition, thinking that sweet potatoes can lower blood sugar.So can diabetic patients eat sweet potatoes?Let’s expose the truth below.

Lao Zhao is now 65 years old. It can be said that he is old and strong. He usually pays great attention to exercising, so the whole person looks like in his 50s.

Before the retirement of Lao Zhao, he was an engineer. After retirement, he always felt that he had more power, so he found a company to go to work.When I was young, I was young.

Lao Zhao has rich work experience and always gives young employees with correct suggestions, so he is very respected.On this day, a employee came back from his hometown. In order to thank Lao Zhao, he gave him a bag of sweet potatoes.

Lao Zhao didn’t want to quit for a long time, but the colleague insisted on giving it, so he took it home.

Considering that he had diabetes, Lao Zhao did not dare to eat sweet potatoes easily, and had not eaten sweet potatoes for several years. He couldn’t help it. He sneaked a piece of food. It was so delicious.

But Lao Zhao was also worried about his blood sugar, so he tested the blood sugar, but found that it was normal.In order to determine that he was able to eat sweet potatoes, Lao Zhao also asked the patients specifically. The patient told him categorically, rest assured to eat, and could reduce sugar.

With the guarantee of the patient, Lao Zhao can be said to be unscrupulous when he eats sweet potatoes.

Suddenly one day, Lao Zhao began to feel uncomfortable. Not only was his body weak, but he had been urinating frequently. This scared Lao Zhao. He quickly took out the blood glucose meter to detect it, even as high as 15.3 mol/L.

Lao Zhao quickly contacted his attending doctor and explained the situation. The doctor suggested that he take hypoglycemic medicine immediately and increase the dose. Lao Zhao’s blood sugar finally dropped and temporarily rest assured.

In order to figure out why his blood sugar was so high, Lao Zhao came to the hospital the next day.The doctor arranged for Lao Zhao to continuously monitor blood sugar and find that Lao Zhao’s empty blood glucose is normal, but the blood sugar after meals is seriously high, which shows that Lao Zhao’s diet was wrong.

Then the doctor asked Lao Zhao what he had eaten during this time. Lao Zhao said that he ate a lot of sweet potatoes and would eat about one pound every day.The doctor told Lao Zhao that this was the culprit that caused his blood sugar to rise.

In response to this, Zhao raised his own questions, did you say that eating sweet potatoes can reduce sugar?Why not fall and rise?

In fact, many people have misunderstood. The moderate amount of sweet potatoes can indeed reduce sugar, but compared with the sugar in sweet potatoes, the effect of hypoglycemic is simply minimal. Let’s analyze it in detail below.

Sweet potato hypogether is mainly because it contains carotene, which has the effect of cleaning the body’s free radicals, which can stimulate insulin and improve metabolism.

In addition, the fat in sweet potatoes is unsaturated fatty acid. This substance can inhibit blood lipid content and fat, and quickly discharge fats out of the body, which can also have a hypoglycemic effect.

In addition, sweet potatoes also contain a large amount of dietary fiber, which can absorb water and promote intestinal peristalsis, so that more sugar can be excreted from the body and achieved a certain effect of lowering sugar.

Look at the sugar -raising effect.Sweet potatoes contain a large amount of sugar, which belongs to the average one -sex polysaccharide.These sugar is really easy to be broken down and absorbed, but some of the unused monosaccharides will enter the blood, resulting in rising blood sugar.

In addition, sweet potatoes also contain too much carbohydrates, which will be converted into glucose, which will cause blood sugar to rise after entering the blood.

In addition, sweet potatoes also contain a large amount of starch, and starch can also lift sugar.

In fact, sweet potatoes are not taboos of patients with diabetes. If blood sugar is stable, it can be eaten in small amounts.Patients with diabetes should keep eating and eat less. Eat seven or eight full meals to increase the number of meals, which is conducive to blood sugar stability.

At the same time, it is necessary to control the intake of carbohydrates and eat more high -quality protein to enhance resistance.

At the same time, it is necessary to monitor blood sugar continuously. If you want to eat some kind of food but you are not sure if you can eat it, you can monitor blood sugar after eating and observe the changes in blood sugar. However, this behavior must be continuous and occasionally it is not representative.

There are many benefits to eating sweet potatoes. Carotene in sweet potatoes can protect eyes and relieve eye fatigue.Children should eat more sweet potatoes to prevent myopia.Patients with eye diseases can also eat more sweet potatoes to relieve eye discomfort.In addition, sweet potatoes can improve resistance.

Sweet potato is rich in nutritional value, and there are many trace elements. These are what the body needs, which is conducive to physical health.Secondly, eating sweet potatoes can lax.Sweet potatoes can promote intestinal peristalsis, relieve constipation, and prevent diseases such as bowel cancer.

Although eating sweet potatoes can bring so many benefits, it must be appropriate.At the same time, for patients with diabetes, we must not only pay attention to diet, eat more low -sugar food and fresh vegetables, and keep their diet light, but also pay attention to more exercise to speed up sugar excretion.

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