Is eating oysters "hurting the kidneys" or "kidney tonic"?Reminder: The real kidney nourishing behavior is these 4 types

As the saying goes, "Ten men and nine virtuals", the concept of "housework hurts the kidneys" is the important symbol of many men: not to lift it.

As a result, the aphrodisiac has become one of the means for men to nourish the kidneys: there are waist flowers, eating oysters at night, and various health products in daily life without choice and no daily health products …

But can the aphrodisiac really nourish the kidney?Is the "reinforcement Dafa" circulating in the workshop useful?Today, Uncle Jiu will take you to analyze.

"Aphrodisiac" often refers to the enhancement ability.According to research by Sichuan University in 2003, chronic renal failure caused sexual dysfunction is very common, indicating that kidney disease does affect sexual function.

However, kidney disease is the concept of western medicine. Nourishing kidney is the saying of traditional Chinese medicine. "Kidney deficiency" is also defined by WHO as "national conceptual diseases". The three definitions are different.

In Chinese medicine, kidney deficiency is not the problem of kidney, but a systematic problem.

The "essence" here does not refer to "sperm", but "essence", which is the basic substance that people think of maintaining life and nourishing the human body in ancient times.Therefore, no matter traditional Chinese and western medicine, aphrodisiac and kidney nourishing are not a concept.

The protein content of waist flower is high, and contains vitamins and trace elements required by the human body. For the ancients, nutrition is rich and comprehensive.

But today, the waist flower is not highly nutritious. On the contrary, the waist flower is rich in purine, which is easier to increase uric acid and induce gout and kidney stones.

And as an excretion organ, waist flower may contain heavy metals, such as cadmium and lead, affecting fertility.

Oyster is known as "milk in the sea", and its nutritional abundance makes it consider it "a man’s gas station, a woman’s beauty salon".

But what is the fact?

From the perspective of nutrition, oysters are indeed "women’s beauty salons", but not necessarily "men’s gas stations".Because even if oysters are beneficial to the health of the reproductive system, their effects are not strong enough to enhance the "combat effectiveness" of men.Instead, because of its cold nature, eating too much is easy to hurt the spleen and stomach.

Protein is indeed an indispensable nutrition of the human body, but not as much as possible.The kidneys bear the treatment of excess protein in the body and excess protein, but cause burdens and injuries to the kidneys. Similar incidents are available every year.

Because the human body usually does not store protein, excess protein flows to the kidneys with the blood after decomposition.The large amount of nitrogen produced by the kidney decomposition of protein requires crazy drinking water to be fully metabolized.

According to the "Dietary Guidelines of Residents 2022", adult protein recommended daily intake is 1g/kg.If you weigh 60kg, it is enough to consume 60g of protein per day.

Kidney qi deficiency is mainly manifested as weak limbs, lack of energy, and easy to catch a cold.It is necessary to regulate kidney qi deficiency. Generally, foods that eat Wenyang to nourish qi are the main, such as lotus seeds, coriander, chicken soup, chestnuts, etc.

Kidney yang deficiency is mainly reflected in low back pain, many nighturia, chills and cold, dizziness, etc. The diet is mainly to nourish the kidney yang, but the strength is greater than qi deficiency.Coinciding with the preparation of the autumn of the season, the frequency of the cow and sheep table is getting higher and higher, but it is easy to get hot and hot when eating too much. Nine uncle suggested that he can use pigeon meat instead.

Chinese medicine believes that the pigeon meat taste is salty, and the pigeon meat is supplemented by "flat supplement", and the iron content of pigeon meat is as high as 3.8 mg/100g, which is higher than beef.(Beef iron content 3.2 mg/100g, pork iron content 1.3mg/100g)

Most symptoms of kidney yin deficiency are related to dryness, mainly manifested as: dry mouth, red lips, and dry stool.

Regulating kidney yin deficiency is generally used to nourish the kidney nourishing kidney. You can eat more black foods in daily life, such as black sesame pills.

The reason why black food has a nourishing effect is mainly antioxidant with strong antioxidant. It can effectively avoid free radicals’ damage to the body and enhance blood vessel elasticity, and also have a good effect on kidney health.

However, people who have healed at the beginning of serious illnesses are not recommended to take black rice because black rice is not easy to digest.At the same time, the copper content of black rice is extremely high, and patients with liver bean -like deformation themselves will aggravate the condition.

Pumpkin can nourish qi and blood, kidney detoxification, and strengthen the spleen and appetite.The white fungus is sweet and flat, nourishing yin and nourishing the kidneys. It is suitable for those who are thin and weak. The combination of the two complements each other.

If you are very unfortunate, the symptoms of yin and yang deficiency coexist at the same time, and the body is hot and cold and cold, then it must be taken into account.

For daily health care, you can choose some methods of yin and yang, such as: wolfberry longan lamb soup.Wolfberry nourish yin, longan, lamb to nourish yang.

Inappropriately use medicine will not only increase the burden on the kidneys, but also some drug toxicity can also damage the kidneys.And if you happen to be a person with poor renal function, the drugs cannot be excreted smoothly, and can only be hoarded in the body, which will also produce toxicity.

Therefore, if you want to reduce the burden on the kidneys, try not to take medicine by yourself, and don’t abuse health products.Go to see a doctor in time when there are diseases.

Generally speaking, we can consume 500-1000ml of water from food every day, and normal adults need to consume about 2000ml of water a day, so we need to add 1000-1500ml of water to ensure sufficient water intake of 1000-1500ml of water.quantity.

Frequent urination is fatal for the kidneys.For too long urine accumulation, bacteria will multiply in the bladder, causing urinary tract infections.In the long run, it will also extend to the kidneys to induce pyelonephritis.

If you do not intervene or treat it in time, infection repeatedly occurs, it will cause chronic nephritis, and you can develop into acute uremia.

"Medical Law Rounding" records: "If you have kidney yang, you cannot open the water to rises to the heart, and your mind must not fall, so you do not lie." It means that it will cause unevenness by kidney failure, which will cause poor sleep.

There are also clinical studies that many patients with renal insufficiency have the phenomenon of staying up late, exhaustion, and lack of sleep, and the importance of sufficient sleep.

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