Is dysmenorrhea suitable for warm baby?Not only can it be used, but it can also be effective

Dysmenorrhea is a disease that plagues women. When menstruation, some female friends can roll on the bed in pain, and they cannot get out of bed at all.Although the menstrual period is warm, the baby has no side effects on the body, it is not recommended to use it. Why?

Let’s study the principle of dysmenorrhea first. There are two types of dysmenorrhea: one is secondary, that is, there is no dysmenorrhea at first, but later.The other is primary dysmenorrhea.Most of them are secondary dysmenorrhea, as the saying goes: ten women and eight dysmenorrhea.How does the successive dysmenorrhea come?This is about to ask himself. Mom gave the vice body, and he didn’t pay attention the day after tomorrow. For example, a bad habit, a woman is very delicate.

Some people say that the menstrual sticking baby will promoting blood circulation during the menstrual period, isn’t it true?

The doctor gave the answer: If you can use warm babies just when you have come to menstruation, this is okay. You can rest assured, because the warm baby is across clothes, but it only promotes the blood circulation and the role of the warm palace in the uterus.However, some people should be cautious, such as those who have a large amount of menstrual menstrual flow and those who have a sudden increase in blood for the baby, it is recommended to use less warm babies, even without.Therefore, this is related to the difference between the body and depending on person.

In fact, the principle of the same principle of warm babies and hot water is the same as drinking more hot water, which is to promote blood circulation.Most of the dysmenorrhea is the pain that causes the meridians and causes pain, so the warm baby has a role in relieving pain.For the health of the body, don’t be too tired during menstruation, avoid eating cold and spicy food, so as not to affect menstruation.Of course, pay attention to keeping warm, preventing the cold of the palace and the irreversible effect on the body.

Then let’s distinguish that the warm baby and the warm palace post should have some questions about the two.Some bad manufacturers preach that it is clear that the baby warming the baby only has the effect of heating, and blows out the special effects of the warm palace.The real warm palace is a product of postpartum confinement disease, which is a medical product.The warm palace sticker is suitable for alleviating the cold of the palace, and the palace cold and dysmenorrhea are not the same thing at all.

Therefore, everyone should pay attention that the baby has a certain relief effect on dysmenorrhea. In addition to heating, it can also warm the palace and promote blood circulation. There is no side effect, but if female friends have a lot of menstruation during menstruation, orIt is not recommended to use the sudden increase in menstrual flow in Nuanbao. Pay attention to diet, and usually the most important maintenance of personal body.

Women during menstruation need to pay attention to the combination of work and rest, do not do strenuous exercise, do not eat cold food, and maintain a pleasant mood, they can alleviate dysmenorrhea.

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