Is coffee good or bad?Doctor: When drinking coffee, remember to remember these 4 points

Coffee is a continuation artifact for workers. Related data show that coffee penetration rates in first -tier cities have exceeded 66%. For the consumer groups of coffee, about one person can drink 326 cups of coffee each year.

In the eyes of many people, coffee is not a healthy drink, especially coffee with sugar, which is the root cause of obesity.However, some studies have pointed out that coffee can bring health benefits to the human body, so the pros and cons of coffee has always been controversial.

Regardless of the result, it does not affect the rhythm of young people like to drink coffee.Especially a cup of black coffee in the morning can better refresh the brain, but more people feel that drinking coffee has a greater impact on the heart and take you in detail.

Southern Medical University conducted special research on this issue, and even published the results of the research in the "Internal Academy of Sciences". At that time, 171,616 cases of the British biological library were used.During the experiment, the subject did not have cancer and cardiovascular disease.

As researchers conducted a follower of these subjects, they had relevant data analysis of whether they had coffee intake, coffee intake, the number of coffee intake, the number of intake, and the addition of artificial odors.The results show that;

Among the subjects, about 75%of people have the habit of drinking coffee, but 55%do not add sugar, 15%of sugar, and 7%of artificial additives.Analysis of the overall results, no matter what coffee you drink, it is closely related to the decline in mortality.

If you drink 0 ~ 1.5 cups of coffee every day, the mortality rate of equity will decrease by 21%. When the number of coffee reaches 2.5 ~ 3.5 times, it will reach 29%due to the mortality rate. If you drink coffee more than 4.5 times daily,The mortality rate of equity will decrease by 23%, so no matter how much you drink coffee, the risk of full death will decrease by 16%to 29%, so drinking coffee appropriately can indeed bring benefits to your health.

Can’t overdo it

For adults, drinking coffee per day should not exceed 400 ml. Too much coffee intake will allow the body to absorb too much caffeine.Caffeine is a substance that excites the brain and rapid heart rate. A large amount of intake in a short time will cause your heart to harm.

Drink pure coffee

There is no excessive additive for pure coffee, which is more good for health. At the same time, it also avoids the impact of sugar substances and substances such as glycogen.

Coffee companion should be less

Many people think that coffee is bitter. In the process of drinking, they like to add coffee partners, such as sugar, milk, sugar, etc., which increase the calories of coffee. More importantly, the coffee partner contains trans fats.

Avoid coffee hot

Coffee can make you feel warm, but the temperature of coffee is too high to hurt the esophagus and gastrointestinal mucosa. When you drink coffee, do not exceed 65 ° C.

The acceleration of heartbeat when drinking coffee may be a normal reaction caused by caffeine, but it does not rule out that patients have cardiovascular disease, such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, hypertrophic myocardial disease and so on.

First of all, after drinking coffee, caffeine may act on the heart, and the sympathetic nerves cause excitement, thereby strengthening the human myocardial shrinkage, accelerating the heart rate, further leading to increased blood pressure and rising myocardial oxygen consumption, accelerated heartbeat, shortness of breath, shortness of breathThese situations are normal physiological reactions after drinking coffee, and after a period of time, metabolism and rest will be restored.

Secondly, it is not ruled out that the patient has cardiovascular diseases. After drinking coffee, the human body sympathetic nerves are excited, which further leads to the worsening symptoms of the disease, and the heartbeat is accelerated.After drinking coffee, the heartbeat acceleration is a normal reaction, but if the symptoms are not alleviated after a period of time, it is necessary to consider the disease caused by the disease. You need to seek medical treatment in time, improve the examination of ECG, and make a clear diagnosis and active treatment.

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