Is cancer related to eating "chicken"?

As a major type of disease, malignant tumors are commonly characterized by some cells in the body that have lost normal regulation, unrestrained growth and abnormal differentiation, and they will also occur to local tissues and move in the distance.Cancer will endanger personal life.

Malignant tumors are lesions that have lost normal growth and differentiation control due to certain reasons. The cells begin to proliferate and invade the surrounding tissue uncontrollably, and eventually form tumors.Specifically, the formation of malignant tumors may be related to the following factors:

1. Genetic factors: Some genetic abnormalities or genetic mutations may cause cell proliferation and apoptosis, and lose control of normal cell growth and differentiation, leading to continuous proliferation of cells and cancer.

2. Environmental factors: Including external environmental factors such as smoking, drinking, sunlight exposure, working environment, air pollution, etc., it may increase the risk of cancer.

3. Diet and living habits: obesity, high -fat diet, lack of exercise, long -term high pressure state, etc., may increase the risk of cancer.

4. Age, gender, and fertility: With the increase of age, human immunity gradually decreases, and the metabolism of cells has begun to appear abnormal, which may increase the risk of cancer.Women’s fertility history may also increase the risk of tumors such as breast cancer.

Therefore, to prevent and reduce the occurrence of malignant tumors, you can start from the aspects of diet, exercise, and environment in life to avoid contact with harmful substances, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and regular physical examination.

Now the problem of cancer is also serious, which is endangered that people’s health is endured. Some people have proposed that cancer has a certain connection with too much chicken.

Chicken is also a common way of making meat in life.And the nutritional value is very high, and proper use is also conducive to personal health.But now there are more and more statements about chicken, and most people have said that eating chicken often increases the risk of cancer. So is it credible?

Chicken is rich in high -quality protein, etc. It is also a kind of meat that is better to digest, so it is loved by people, but a study from Oxford University pointed out that eating chicken will increase the situation of three kinds of cancer.

Researchers at the University of Oxford collected 475,000 British people. From 2006 to 2014, they studied dietary habits and data on the diseased data. They found that about 20,000 to 30,000 people suffered from cancer among these subjects.

And through a series of studies, it is found that 30 grams of poultry meat per day will increase by 20%of the risk of melanoma. In addition, the risk of prostate cancer and non -Hodgkin lymphoma will increase.

Speaking of which, many people will feel very scared, so do you really increase the risk of cancer when eating too much chicken?In fact, according to relevant research reports, there is no sufficient evidence that eating chicken will increase the incidence of cancer. Therefore, there is no rigorous scientific principles for eating chicken carcinogenic, and chicken can also be eaten with confidence.

"Chinese Resident Dietary Guidelines 2021" also suggested that normal adults should consume 40-75 grams of livestock and poultry meat per day.In this way, it can also help supplement the nutrients required for the body, which is more conducive to personal health.

Of course, in addition to this statement, many people think that chicken belongs to a hair product, especially for some people who are sick or have tumors. If they eat chicken, they will promote the development of the disease and affect personal health.

The so -called hair products also mainly refer to a kind of food that is easy to promote the development of the disease, and Chinese medicine is still a western medicine, and there is no clear definition of hair products. The so -called hair products in many people are also ordinary ingredients.

The rich high -quality protein and trace substances like chickens can help to supplement the body to replenish the body’s immunity and disease resistance to a certain extent.

For cancer patients, they can eat chicken. To a certain extent, they can also improve human immune function and regulate ability, and play a strong health effect.It’s inside.

1. Barbecue: During the barbecue process, the skin protein may form carcinogen after contacting the smoke substances produced by high temperature barbecue.

2. Fried meat: When fried meat containing fat, the carcinogens produced by high -temperature fried fried will be attached to the surface of the meat to increase the possibility of cancer.

3. Pickled and pickled meat: Pickled meat contains additives such as high salt and nitrite, which may be converted into carcinogens after intake.

4. Cold fresh meat: Especially cold cooked meat products, due to improper preservation time and conditions, it is easy to breed bacteria and increase the risk of carcinogens.

5. High -fat diets such as duck meat, beef belly, sheep miscellaneous: these meat fat content, excessive intake may increase the probability of cancer such as colorectal cancer.

6. Bestrous: The liver contains high concentration of vitamin A. Excessive intake will cause vitamin A in the body to be too high, thereby increasing the risk of liver cancer.

7. Smoom: The liquid smoke substance added to the smoked meat may produce a variety of harmful substances, such as second -hand smoke to increase the risk of cancer.

8. Barbecue: Multiple carcinogens may occur during barbecue, such as polygon aromatic hydrocarbons, which can easily increase the risk of cancer.

Therefore, the carcinogenic carcinification of meat like the above may be relatively strong. I hope everyone should avoid it as soon as possible, and in life, we must pay attention to rational meat to ensure personal health.

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