Is a high -priced sunscreen suit a IQ tax?Expert: Not necessarily better

In the summer, various "hardcore sunscreens" have become a hot topic of numerous young people.On the streets of outdoor, more and more people attach importance to self -protection, sunscreen, sunscreen, and parasols have almost become standard for going out.

In the face of high -value and full -featured sunscreen products, relevant experts said that ordinary clothing also has good ultraviolet performance. The "black technology" of some of the materials used in sunlight jackets is just different fabric ratio to produce different effects.

The sunny anxiety of young people

The nation’s sunscreen seems to have become a wave of summer.

After the 90s, Xiaoyang was a young man who entered the pit sunscreen equipment earlier.In 2017, she bought a sunscreen and mask online. This was her first set of sunscreen equipment. "At that time, there were not many professional sunscreen products, I just bought it."Xiaoyang remembers that in addition to some professional outdoor sports brands, there are few stores for offline sunscreens.

"At first, many people didn’t understand it, and asked me why I was wearing so much." In the beginning, in the face of Xiaoyang’s sun protection behavior, many people felt a little incredible, and even many friends thought she had more.It was also from that time that "chemical sunscreen" and "physical sunscreen" have become popular on social platforms. Compared with sunscreen, the trouble of replenishing and removing makeup removal every few hours, wearing physical sunscreen products are more popular.

In Xiaoyang’s words, the previous sunscreen keywords are "apply", and now it is more "cover".As long as they are in the UV, there will be risk of being dark, so almost the common characteristics of each person who choose to choose physical sunscreen -covered without dead ends.

With the overwhelming "sunscreen science" and "sunscreen contrast" on social media, Xiaoyang obviously felt the enhancement of people’s awareness of sun protection and changes in sunscreen products.Essence

Like Xiaoyang, there are college students Xiao Pan.As soon as it is in the summer, Xiao Pan will be replaced with a large -capacity backpack, with a parasol, sunscreen spray and sunglasses.

This year, Xiao Pan also intends to increase sunscreen, with sunscreen masks, sunscreen ice sleeves and sunscreen pants to ensure that he "has no skin exposed to the outside."In her opinion, it is easy to sunburn, and it is difficult to turn white.

The fabric plays the "technology" card

The sunscreen anxiety of young people has also stared at the wallets of young people.Various types of sunscreen brands continue to unlock new gameplay in terms of marketing. Sun protection products have from competing with brand fame to creative ideas, and then to science and technology.

The report released by Questmobile’s "Summer Economics of 2023" report shows that in April 2023, there were as many as 489 brands participating in the marketing of sunscreen products.The reporter’s search found that in the propaganda copywriting of various sunscreen brands, some "black technology" fabrics were full of attractiveness.

Many brands claim to have Airloop fabrics to ensure that they will not be sweltering in the sun; there are also the brand’s main "black technology" fabric, launching "Liangpi", "mask sunscreen" and "hyaluronic acid anti -UA" series; some brands have launched "cool coolMosquito repellent "fabric, known as the mosquito as much as 97.06%.

In several shopping malls in Jinan, the reporter visited some shops selling sunscreen products and found that almost all sunscreen clothes were displayed in the most prominent positions. Sun protection caps, glasses, masks and other sunscreen accessories also occupied most of the shelves."Technology Sunscreen Fabrics", "Instant Sunscreen", "UPF100+, not afraid of water washing".

The reporter saw that most of the fabric components of sunscreens were cotton, spandex, and polyester fibers of different proportion. They met the conditions of UPF50+in the propaganda, and some brands were up to upf100+.When the reporter asked what the sunscreen fabric was different from ordinary fabrics, a clerk said, "I don’t know the specific fabric, but there is indeed a difference in the sun protection index."

Faced with the inquiries of the sun protection index in the face of the reporter, the clerk said that he was not very clear. He repeatedly introduced the material and design of the sunlight clothes to the reporter, such as disassembly of the brim, sunscreen to the corners of the eyes, cold and cooling.

The reporter found that the cost is not low.Taking a certain sunscreen brand on the market as an example, a sunscreen is ranging from 199 yuan to 399 yuan, 169 yuan sunscreen cap, other masks, gloves, sunglasses, ice sleeves and other accessories are around 99 yuan. A set of sunscreen equipment is nearThousand yuan.

Is a high -priced sunscreen suit a IQ tax?

When sunscreen and "beauty" are hung up, it has spawned high -priced sunscreen products, but many consumers seem to be difficult to accurately identify the authenticity of high -priced "black technology".

"In the past, I felt that normal sunscreens would not exceed one hundred dollars, and now it will be two or three hundred yuan." Xiaoyang said that the rich use scenario prompts the sun protection market to be more segmented and the price of sunscreen products is getting higher and higher. "Such high -priced sunscreen clothing is very cost -effective. "

On social platforms, many consumers vomit their sunscreen products, such as the brim of the sunscreen cap not to stick their heads, and turn the wind slightly; the sunscreen is not cold, put on the sweltering and breathable;It is easy to break; there are also photos of consumers who have been hacked, pointing directly at some sunscreens are IQ taxes, and they are easy to draw on the ball. The sun protection effect is not as good as ordinary jackets.

"Sun protection jackets are not a IQ tax, but those high -priced sunscreens are not necessarily." An industry insider told reporters that ordinary clothes also have good ultraviolet resistance, and even in the same color, 100%cotton ordinary clothing ordinary clothes anti -ultraviolet raysPerformance is better than professional sunscreen.In fact, the materials used in these high -priced sunscreens are still ordinary polyester, spandex, nylon, etc.The so -called "black technology" is just different fabric ratio to produce different effects.

"Ultraviolet rays are divided into three wavelengths. Our sunscreen mainly prevents the two ultraviolet rays: UVA and UVB." Zhang Huimin, the attending physician of the Department of Medicine Aesthetic Medicine, Affiliated to the First Medical University of Shandong, said that UVA penetrates deeply.The main cause of black; UVB penetrates shallowly, leading to erythema, peeling, sunburn and other phenomena, that is, "sunburn UVA, sunburn UVB".

Most of the sunscreens have the UPF logo, which refers to the ability to prevent UVA and country implements European standards, requiring UPF> 40, T (UVA) AV (long -wave ultraviolet transmission rate) <5%."In fact, the UPF value is not so important. It should be noted that the UVA transmission rate should not be too high." Zhang Huimin said that this is the biggest difference between ordinary clothes and sunscreen.

Zhang Huimin suggested that physical sunscreen is the most economical and efficient sunscreen. Sun protection clothes do not need to pursue "black technology" too much. Choose nylon as the main material for sunscreen, which is highly breathable and more suitable for daily use.(Reporter Tian Ruyi Zhang Qi)

Source: Qilu Evening News

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