Is 45 -year -old woman conceived a "strange baby"?The doctor took out the mass and found that it was full of hair

Seeing this title, I believe that many people are questioning, "How can you be pregnant with a gesture"?Don’t believe you and then look down!

The patient Ms. Zhang, 48 years old. Recently, I always felt that my stomach had pain analgesic medicine. As a result, she came to the hospital for examination, but found that there was a 11 cm mass in the pelvic cavity.Gently pressed, and Ms. Zhang curled up.

Shouldn’t it be cancer?This surprised Ms. Zhang, and Ms. Zhang, who was anxious, quickly undergone surgery.As a result, the doctor took out a "teratoma" from her pelvic cavity.

As soon as he hear the name "teratoma", many people will definitely think, is this a "strange baby"?In fact, teratoma is not due to pregnancy.This is the most common germ cell tumor. There may be various strange things in it, such as oil, hair, bone, teeth …

In fact, whether it is malignant, it depends on the "mature" tumor. In other words, it depends on the tissue differentiation of the tumor. According to the degree of tissue differentiation, the teratoma tumor is divided into two types of mature teratoma (benign) and immature mature.Ferry tumor (malignant).

Mature malfunction tumors, also known as skin -like cysts, are benign tumors, accounting for more than 95%of ovarian tumors, and most of them are unilateral.The cyst cavity is full of oil and hair, and sometimes tooth and bone.

Unsure malignant tumors are malignant tumors, accounting for 1%-3%of ovarian teratoma, and young women are more common.Usually ovarian tumors can occur on one or bilateral ovaries, and cancerous is generally limited to one ovarian.After cancer, a huge appendix area will form.Same as most of other ovarian tumors, it can be manifested as lower abdominal pain, abdominal swelling, or pupa and lower abdomen blocks.

Common inspection methods include ultrasonic examination, magnetic resonance, CT and serum tumor logo examination (serum SCC, CEA, CA125, CA199).

Studies have shown that the application of CT and magnetic resonance imaging combined with the diagnosis of ovarian mature cystic malformed tumor cancer, which can find that there are nodules in tumors and enhanced softened tissue components, and their tumor markers have increased.


For malignant ovarian genital cell tumors, the principle of first treatment is mainly surgery, supplemented by comprehensive treatment such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

For patients with no fertility, it is recommended to conduct comprehensive staging surgery and tumor cell reduction -whole uterine resection+bilateral fallopian tube ovarian removal+large omentum removal and+pelvic and abdominal anorectal lymph nodes.

For early tumors, patients who are young and hope to retain fertility can retain fertility function (remove the affected attachment).Now Ms. Zhang has completed a comprehensive staging surgery. Fortunately, the cure surgery resection tissue has not seen cancer.

Finally, I remind everyone that the cause of teratoma is currently unknown, and there are no effective preventive methods.But what can be performed is regular screening.30+ women should regular medical examinations, gynecological examinations, ultrasound examinations, tumor logo blood tests, etc. each year.High -risk people with family high -risk people can be feasible and BRCA gene testing.If you find pelvic blocks, you should avoid strenuous exercise to prevent twisting and rupture.

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