Inventory and precautions for pregnant women’s cold symptoms!

Cold is a normal thing for us normal people. It is not a big problem to take some medicine and take a needle.However, for pregnant women, a cold is not so simple. Because it is in a sensitive period, most expectant mothers do not dare to take medicine when they have cold symptoms, and they are afraid of hurting the baby, so they can bear the uncomfortable.There were several pregnant mothers around me who had a cold. It was a tearful nose, and it was uncomfortable to look at me.

Pregnant mother

Colds are common for expectant mothers during pregnancy. During pregnancy, their physical resistance will decrease significantly, and they will suffer from cold symptoms without paying attention.So what to do during pregnancy has also become the topic of many expectant mothers. Today, Yuan Bao’s mother came to talk about what should I do if pregnant women have a cold?How should we prevent life?Hope to help everyone.

In traditional Chinese medicine, common colds are not three categories, namely wind and heat, wind cold, and summer heat.

Wind and hot cold: It often manifested as slightly cold, heating, head bloating, nasal nose or yellowing, yellowing, sore throat, cough, yellow sputum, yellow tongue coating and thin white and white.

Wind and cold cold: It often manifested as severe cold body, light head heat, limb pain, heavy nasal congestion, runny nose, cough, sputum and thinness, and white tongue coating.

Summer cold cold: often manifested as symptoms such as fever, upset, thirst, sweating, but the heat in the body does not dissipate.Such colds are prone to summer hot season.

Pregnant mothers are good to know more about colds. It can be based on the symptoms of their own colds that belong to that type of cold. Whether it is treated with drugs or food supplements, it will have certain effects.

So what should I do if pregnant women have a cold?

If the cold is not good, but without a fever, pregnant mothers can go to the hospital for treatment.After listening to the doctor’s arrangement, if the doctor said that taking drugs for treatment, the pregnant mother should take medicine according to the medicine and quantity of the doctor.Do not take some drugs without authorization. After all, pregnancy is a sensitive period, and no one is harmful to the fetus.

If the pregnant mother has a cold and fever in the early stage, this will go to see the doctor. You must choose some Chinese medicines with less side effects according to the doctor’s doctor’s advice.For example: Banlangen, honeysuckle, etc. all have a good effect

Drink plenty of water to supplement the body fluid disappeared in a cold, and help the body better metabolize the waste out of the body.In addition, vitamin C can be taken appropriately to slow down the symptoms of cough and sneezing.

During a cold, you must avoid your mouth. You must mainly focus on light and digestible foods. Do not greasy, fried, cold, hot fruits and other foods.

Pay attention to rest, you must rest more during pregnancy, avoid excessive fatigue and pressure, and avoid the chance of getting a cold.

Pay attention to personal hygiene cleaning, try not to go to a lot of people, and do not contact patients with colds. Keep ventilation and ventilation in the room. The temperature and humidity should be appropriate.

Change your clothes frequently, wash the bedding, have sufficient sleep every day to maintain a relaxed and happy mood, and your mood is also conducive to the healing of a cold.

Properly added clothes. Generally during pregnancy, due to the poor resistance of pregnant women, the temperature of the outside world is very sensitive. Therefore, the pregnant mothers should wear and remove the clothes properly in the cold and warm weather.This is very easy to be cold.In addition, it is necessary to cover the quilt at night to find the correct sleeping position to prevent colds caused by cold.{Welfare, men you know}.More parenting knowledge follow WeChat public account (BUNENG33) Okay, okay, the public two words

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