Internet celebrities "cure diseases" by pregnancy really in the name of love?

In the eyes of everyone, the greatest love in the world is motherly love, but if anyone makes this love a moral abduction show, will you be disgusted?

Wu Meng, a 42 -year -old Internet celebrity writer, was on fire with the novel "For the person who loves me and the person I love -the person I love" three years ago.

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In the novel, she is a heroine who is seriously ill. Outside of the novel, she is pregnant with severe pulmonary arteries.

At this time, the doctor gave professional advice and hoped that she would terminate pregnancy, because the disease rate was extremely high, and the blood flow of the whole body during pregnancy changed, and eventually caused heart failure.

For the fetus, due to the low oxygen of the mother, the fetus, limited growth, fetal distress, neonatal suffocation can be caused.

She has been to the hospital several times, and the doctor’s diagnosis is all. If she insists on giving birth, the possibility of surviving is zero.

Wu Meng did not consider the doctor’s dissuasion, but instead used his own Internet celebrity status, claiming that if the production was successful, he would bring "hope for all patients with high pressure."

She knew that she was gambling with pregnancy, either her child was born, and she died, which was very simple; or she was healthy after lung transplantation and could continue to live.

The reason for this bet is "love".

Wu Meng said in the video released that because of her love for her eldest son, she hopes to regenerate a child to accompany him.

Because of her love for the current gentleman, she hopes that the two have the crystallization of love, and they will be "old -fashioned" in the future.

Because of the love for all patients, she hopes to inspire other patients to be brave in love, getting married, and having children.

She "believes that people’s beliefs will defeat everything."

It sounds very moving, but the disease is obviously a matter of medical category. It is not that you will immediately get better.

Wu Meng’s behavior of high -profile persuasion patients with severe illnesses is ignorant and stupid.

Some medical professors have made metaphors. As severe pregnancy like her, like a person jumped off the 12th floor, you gave birth to a child and live, it is a life of nine deaths, but in most cases, it isnormal.

Just like some domestic patients who are influenced by the concept of Chuan Zong’s successive concepts, and the female pulmonary arterial high pressure patients who are regardless of their bodies and pregnant, their ending is often a dead body.

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It may be a savvy plan behind Wu Meng’s "love".

She hopes to find medical institutions online to cure her disease by entering her placenta stem cells.

There is no precedent or scientific basis for this treatment method, but she said "willing to try".

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The influence of net red identity is too great. In the end, she was as expected. After all, life was in danger, and the hospital was difficult to refuse.

The People’s Hospital of Wuxi City performed surgery for her and gathered the medical team in the province to rescue her.

The process of Wu Meng’s surgery was like this.

Heart repair and lung transplantation were performed on June 27.

Now the situation has improved, and Wu Meng can go home in a few days.

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Wu Meng can survive. In addition to luck, it relies on an excellent medical team.

The world’s top lung transplant team, coupled with many medical resources, piled up a miracle- "the world’s first pulmonary hypertension maternal lung transplantation".

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After this operation, her attending doctor Chen Jingyu posted an article saying that the operation was really worried.

If you do n’t die, you wo n’t die. Foreign patients do n’t have such surgery because the patient is obedient and is not pregnant according to the doctor’s order.

Now Wu Meng has survived, but she did not have children, and her condition could be kept conservatively.

Reporter: If she does not have children, will the quality of life be the same as before?

Chen: She will not have a heart failure if she does not have a child. It should be no problem to control her previous condition. Her median survival is in their fifty years, and some people will live in their sixties.

To put it plainly, this is just a moral abduction of "love in love".

Wu Meng, as an elderly mother, second child, and congenital heart disease, she also suffers from lung high pressure. She was the disadvantaged side in public opinion.

If there is no hospital to treat her, the two lives are there, and the hospital will be a pot.The hospital rescued her but it was not cured. It was a doctor’s medical treatment or a pot of the hospital.

What’s more, this approach is doubtful that she is using pregnancy to step into line to rob the lung source.

She does not need lung transplantation if she is not pregnant. Once she is pregnant and the disease is severe, she will be ranked from the end of the waiting lung transplantation, and other patients who have waited for several years will see herself.This opportunity.

At the end of the surgery, Wu Meng admitted that she did not go to Beijing and Shanghai to cure the disease, just to see it. Only Wuxi’s team can save her life. Only lung transplantation can save her. In the end, only lung transplant expert Chen Jingyu can save herEssence

So Wu Meng has found his diagnosis since the beginning.

In fact, most people can understand that a mother wants to have a child’s wish, and we have no right to interfere with the choice of personal choices.

But the situation of Wu Meng is different. She is pregnant, regardless of reality, and she is pregnant with a huge risk. She also let so many people bear the risks with her. If she is just looking for a hospital alone, everyone has no opinion.

But in the name of love, "fertility", high -profile videos, persuading other severe mothers to have children, isn’t this sin or what?

Some patients are just ordinary people, not reporters or Internet celebrities. They do n’t have so many social resources. I do n’t know how much the risk of having the severe child.

Maybe they obeyed, "Other people can get pregnant with high pressure/cancer, why can’t you?" If they imitate this atmosphere, the success of Wu Meng’s case is even more desperate.

After Wu Meng’s surgery, she began to regret that she thought that she had thought about having a child, but things had happened, and it was useless to say more beautiful words.

Fortunately, two lives were saved, and what I admire was the doctor’s wonderful hand back to spring.In the whole thing, the most important thing is the so -called "love" in her mouth.

Love is not selfish, and motherly love is not. Before love, at least respect the reality and life.

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