Insurance 101: If you have a child an accident, what insurance can you buy?

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In February this year, the National Bureau of Statistics announced that only 9.56 million people nationwide were born in 2022, and the total population was reduced by 850,000 compared with last year!

Although in the past few years, we have always talked about the "aging" and "young childization" of the population, but even the most pessimistic prediction, the inflection point of the Chinese population will take at least five years later.

Unexpectedly, the gray rhinos of the population had come to my eyes.

Why don’t the Chinese want to have children?

The economy must be the first reason. High house prices, high medical expenses, high education costs and low income make many young couples dare not have children.

It’s difficult to raise yourself, let alone raising children.

But there is another reason that may come from the physical aspect.

Because my country encourages late childcare, especially in cities, many girls are more than 30 years old when they are pregnant.

Scientifically speaking, late childbirth is definitely more risky, such as susceptible to miscarriage or other complications.

So, as a pregnant mother, can we protect ourselves by insurance?

Let’s talk about this topic today.

In order to quantify the risk of giving birth, the State Health and Health Commission has published relevant information every year. The following is the latest data of 2021.

There are four reasons for pregnant women with the highest mortality rate, namely obstetric hemorrhage, hypertension during pregnancy, heart disease and amniotic fluid embolism.

The highest mortality rate is obstetrics bleeding, and 3.6 people died every 100,000 examples, and the remaining three deaths were not more than 2.

However, compared with other women’s high incidence of cancer, such as breast cancer (9.33), cervical cancer (4.3), and ovarian cancer (3.48), the risk of death for women’s pregnancy is still very low.

From an economic perspective, there are not much cost of complications during pregnancy, childbirth and puerperium, and per capita medical expenses of 5,315 yuan.

Diseases of perinatal periods, such as the treatment cost of premature or neonatal suffocation, has increased, with an average cost of 7698 yuan.

Unfortunately, it is found that newborns have congenital diseases, such as congenital heart disease or brain deformities, which costs much higher, and it costs 14,640 yuan average.

The above spending does not seem to be much, but it is just average. I do n’t know how much it costs about the serious condition. This is the risk.

In the face of the above risks of pregnancy, can social security fertility insurance be solved?

In most cases, maternity insurance should help you solve the problem.

For example, in accordance with Article 13 of the "Regulations on Maternity Insurance in Guangdong Employees", the medical expenses generated due to fertility, including complications of maternity examinations, termination of pregnancy, childbirth, and complications during childbirth, and maternity insurance can be reimbursed.

The average cost is less than 10,000 yuan, and most of the maternity insurance reimbursed, and the money you have to pay for it is still limited.

Therefore, if it is not very serious, maternity insurance should be able to get it.

But if you encounter a serious situation, it is difficult to say how much it costs.

Because the more serious diseases, the more self -funded drugs and examination and treatment items, the lower the proportion of social security reimbursement.

Another problem is that the baby’s medical expenses cannot be solved with the mother’s social security, and all must be at their own expense.

Therefore, to cover the above loss risk, you must buy a special commercial insurance -maternal and baby insurance.

Maternal and baby insurance is a type of niche product. It is estimated that there are no more than 30 models on the market at the same time, and the promotion is low, so there are not many people know.

Maternal and baby insurance is usually 20 to 40 years old, and pregnant mothers within 24 weeks of pregnancy.

If the pregnant mother has a pregnancy complication, or if the newborn has congenital diseases, you can find an insurance company for claims.

There are two types of claims, which are reported to actual sales and fixed compensation.

The same product may have only one claim method or both.

At present, most maternal and infant insurance are designed in a medical insurance manner. The way of claims is to report actual sales.

After the surplus amount of the social security report, you can get the insurance company’s claim.

Pregnant mothers are definitely guaranteed, but they may not be a newborn, and they must be clear before buying.

The wider the disease is better, there are more than 20 common pregnancy diseases, and more than 10 congenital diseases.

Few products are not limited by the medical insurance directory. In some cases, the deductible amount is generally high, such as 10,000 yuan in compensation.

The higher the compensation ratio is definitely the better. Do not be less than 80%after the social security settlement, it is best to be 100%.

The product may have some insurance liability for payable payments, and even all, similar to critical illness insurance.

Such responsibilities are usually for a few very serious diseases. For example, pregnant mothers have amniotic fluid embolism or uterine rupture, or neonatal congenital cranium or esophageal occlusion. These diseases cost a lot of money.

The more severe diseases containing the product, the better. Like buying critical illness insurance, it is best to have died responsibilities.

Because to be rescued at the ICU, the daily expenses are calculated at 10,000 yuan, and most of the costs are regardless of social security. If you have died responsibilities, you can avoid people’s wealth.

The last is to pay attention to how much permit liability for each type. For example, if you pay 100,000, how much is the severe illness?How much is the congenital disease of the newborn?

In terms of price, only the real -time reimbursement of actual -based maternal and infant medical insurance is the cheapest, and it is generally a few hundred yuan.

If there is a fixed payment, it is usually about 1,000 yuan, and if the insurance amount is high, it may exceed 2,000 yuan.

The above is the point that a good mother and baby insurance should care about.

In fact, it is not complicated. You can buy it with confidence. If you are not assured, you can consult us at any time.

October is a very torment. In addition to his own uncomfortable body, he is always worried that the fetus in the abdomen will be abnormal.

Therefore, regular production inspection is very important. Do not delay the inspection time because of work.

If you have any questions, you will be hospitalized immediately, and the Social Security will be responsible for most of the costs.

If you want to be more secure, buy one more commercial insurance and cover the cost of social security.

At present, we have several maternal and infant insurance online. If we need it, pay attention to our public account [Wanbao Information], and we can immediately calculate premiums and consult us.

Finally, I wish you a smart mother and child a smart baby!

Okay, let’s talk about it today.

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thank you all!

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