Instant noodles are there preservatives?Burger is a junk food?Is it healthier?

The rhythm of modern life is accelerating. Many people are usually busy with work and have no time to cook, so fast food food has become the first choice for many office workers.For example: instant noodles, burgers … but the elders always said with distress: "These are junk foods, eat less!"

Are these foods really unhealthy and unparalleled?not necessarily!


Instant noodles are toxic and nutrition?

The difference is not much different from the feeding noodles

Internet instant noodles are "junk foods". There are three main reasons: first, it is considered that it contains a large number of preservatives, and it will be injured when eating the liver.The third is that the instant noodles are not nutritious, the oil and salt content is high, and it is unhealthy.So what is the truth?


Truth 1: Instant noodles are almost without preservatives

The noodle cakes will experience dehydration processes such as high -temperature fried or hot air during production, and vegetable bags have also been dehydrated. They are very low in moisture, and microorganisms cannot survive and grow in such an environment. ThereforeAdd preservatives.

The sauce bag of instant noodles is generally high -salt, which is also not conducive to the survival of microorganisms, so there is generally no need to add preservatives; some even add preservatives, which can be eaten appropriately within the scope of safety standards stipulated in the state.


Truth 2: The surface of the noodles is polyethylene coating

It is convenient for the waterproof and slippery layer of the surface barrel. In fact, it is not wax, but a food -grade polyethylene (PE) coating.

Polyethylene is a common food packaging material worldwide. Its melting point is about 110 ° C, so hot water cannot melt it. Don’t worry too much!


Truth 3: Instant noodles :ingredients hanging noodles

Everyone said that the instant noodles are not nutritious, but in fact, the nutritional content of the noodle cakes is similar to that of ordinary noodles -they mainly provide carbohydrates, which contain a certain amount of protein, fat, and dietary fiber, vitamins, and other mineral content contentThere are fewer.

However, the sodium content and fat content of fried instant noodles are relatively high, and the salt content in the sauce bag is also high; and the noodles are only ingredients. After adding seasoning, braised, sauce, head, etc.Many, so whether eating instant noodles or hanging noodles, we must pay attention to matching and seasoning.

[Tips] Prefer to choose non -fried instant noodles, and put less seasoning packs; add some ingredients such as vegetables, mushrooms, eggs, shrimp, etc., and the nutrition is more comprehensive.


Hamburg bag ≈ Chinese meat clip

Improve the ratio of nutrition and eat healthily

In many people’s eyes, burgers can be said to be one of the most classic "junk foods". High oil, high salt, high calorie, poor nutrition, and eating too much is not good for health.Is the truth really like this?

The nutritional structure of the burger itself is not bad, and it is very similar to the Chinese meat clip. It has meat, carbohydrates, and vegetables. In terms of splitting, it does not belong to junk food.

So why is burger so many questions?The reason is that its nutritional ratio is uneven:

① There are too few vegetables: basically only 1-2 slices of lettuce leaves or tomatoes, not enough dietary fiber intake;

② There are more fat: The meat cake may be fried after being pasted, and the calories will soar more than ten times;

③ Excessive sodium content: some sauce will be added, such as salad sauce, egg yolk sauce, etc.;

④ The carbohydrates in the burger belong to the fine rice noodles, and the sugar raising speed is faster;

⑤ Eating high -calorie foods such as cola, fries, fried chicken wings, etc., is more likely to cause the calories to exceed the standard.

【Simple three -step improvement burger】

① Order an additional vegetable salad and use milk or fresh fruits for matching;

② Non -fried meat cakes as much as possible with meat pie;

③ The sauce can be scraped off with a spoon, and the butter or cheese tablets in the middle can also be removed.

Xiao Er recommends that everyone is a rice burger, which is lower than ordinary burgers, but it tastes excellent and the taste is not bad at all!

(Source: CCTV home for dinner)

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