Indian men’s sexually assaulted 15 -year -old cousin was pregnant, and her mother splashed oil to burn her seriously.

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After a 15 -year -old girl in northern India was raped by her cousin and was pregnant, she was burned by her cousin’s family.Girls who are severely burned are being treated.Recently, this violent case against women shocked the whole country of India.

According to CNN reported on October 12, on October 11, local time, the Indian man and his mother were arrested together for attempts to murder.

The man raped the 15 -year -old cousin and cruel arson

The senior police officer of India, Kamleji Kumar Dixte, introduced that the man was 18 years old and about three months ago, he raped a 15 -year -old girl.It is believed that the girl is his cousin.

The girl was pregnant soon, and the scandal of rape was also exposed.

On October 6, the girl was deceived to the man’s house and thought it was discussing marriage.The heartbroken man poured kerosene on the girl, and then ignited her …

The neighbors rescued her and sent her to the hospital.The girl was severely burned and had not yet escaped from life.

It is terrified that in this case, the man’s mother, as a accomplice, even participated in it.

"I have been numb to such a story about such stories. Our country has been working hard to change the status quo.","

Data map: Indian women protest (picture source: Associated Press)

There is no change in the implementation of women’s movement for 7 years

According to reports, the place where the case occurred was located in the Northern State with the most population in India.This is also the main position of the "Save Girl and Educational Girl" movement initiated by Prime Minister Modi. The movement aims to improve India’s gender equality.

In the northern state, advertising signs printed with campaign slogans and Modi photos are everywhere.However, activists said that since the implementation of the movement for 7 years, there are almost no changes in giving women and girls’ rights and improving their living conditions, and the violent crimes against women still exist.

In December last year, the movement was reviewed by nearly 80%of the funds for advertising, rather than educational plans to promote change.

Bariana said: "You can have all the billboards in the world, but only with billboards can not solve this crisis in our country." He believes that funds should be used to educate young boys and girls.Respect and women’s rights, and train the police to better deal with sexual assault cases.

According to Biana, many men in India still regard rape as a "power behavior" for women.In most cases, these violations have not been reported.Because the victims were afraid of going to the police, they were often taught and said that they would eventually be responsible for these illegal acts.

Dikste also confirmed that the girl in the case did not report the case until three months later.

Data map: Indian women protest (picture source: Reuters)

India has also criticized people for a long time due to the patriarchal social structure and delayed legal system.

In 2019, the Indian Central Government approved a plan to open more than 1,000 fast channel courts across India to help clean up the backlog rape cases and sex criminal cases against minors.

However, according to the information submitted by the Chief of the Legal Department in December 2021, there are currently less than 700 courts.

The court’s judgment has been repeatedly criticized

In the northern state of Modi to vigorously promote the women’s movement, it is often local headlines for women to implement violence on women.

In December 2019, a woman was raped by two men. She was burned to death when she went to court to testify.

In 2020, a 19 -year -old girl from the Dalite community (the lowest class of the Indian surname system) was strangled by a group of high -name men’s surnames.

In addition, the Indian court has repeatedly criticized for some controversial judgments in sexual assault cases in the past.

In August of this year, a judge in Karara in the south rejected her sexual assault allegations on the grounds of "teasing" a woman’s clothing and caused anger.

In January 2021, the Mumbai High Court ruled that a 39 -year -old man was not guilty of sexual assault on a 12 -year -old girl because he did not take off her clothes, which means that there is no skin contact …

In 2017, a judge of the Delhi High Court said that when a man was charged with rape, he should be "innocent". He called a "weak ‘no" "still indicates that the victim is willing.

A female medical intern in India was beaten and gang raped on the bus and died 13 days later.The world shocked the world.Since then, India has vowed to carry out legal reforms to increase punishment for rape cases.But Paiana and other activities said that 10 years have passed, India should do more work to protect women and girls.

"We live up to our women, and such atrocities should never happen," he said.

(Source: Polar News)

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